Spring Break Packet on IXL

Level H L.1 through .8

Level H C.1 through .6

Level H G.1 through 4

Level H H.1  through.8

Level H E.7 through .9

Level H M.1 through .5

Level H X.1 through .6

Level H O.1 through .8

If you do not have internet please remember we have spring break school Mon, Tue, Wed during spring break

Test on unit 7

I let the students vote on which day they wanted to test. 1st and 3rd period voted on Thursday March 30, 2nd and 4th period voted on Friday March 31. The test will cover integer and their opposite, absolute values, graphing on a coordinate grid, solving problems on polygons on a coordinate grid and ordered pairs.


The Ixl assignment that is due tomorrow is Level H HH.2

The Ixl assignments that are due next week are Level H M.1 and Level H M.5 and Level H x.1

Also Home work will be checked tomorrow for the week. This week we have 3 work sheet 1) number line graphs 2) integer and 3) wabbit

Make up Homework

Some students have a lot of zeroes for homework. They can do pages 725 – 726 problems 1-9, pages 737-738 problems 1-9, and pages 753-754 1-8 in their student textbook. The highest grade they can get is an 85. The assignment must be turned in Monday March 13


The students are working on ixl (a computer program). I the assignment for last week is due today. The students have until 11 pm tonight. What score they have at 11 pm will be the score entered into the grade book. Reminder TEST TUE