Wed Aug 30

The students will do a retake test from last Friday test. They will have homework over GCF and Lcm. the worksheet will give instructions on how to solve for the Gcf and Lcm of two or more numbers. They will also be given a spiral review homework that is due Tue Sept 5.

Tue 8/29

We will go over the review worksheet for the test. We will cover prime, and composite numbers and solving for the prime factorization of a number. Homework will be the completion of the work started in class.

Aug 14

We are working on long division. We will be dividing  a whole number into a whole number, but they are not doing remainders. Instead they are to add a decimal and annex zeros as need. they are to complete work started in class.


Question f on the first page the students need to round to the hundredths place.

2nd week of school

I would like to thank you. The first 2 weeks we reviewed over math from fifth grade to help get our brain jump started back in the flow of school. The students did an amazing job. Next week we will focus on 6th grade content and full STEAM a head. I have been trying to get remind 101 up and running but there is never enough time in the day, especially with my slow typing. When you come to open house on Tuesday I will have the computers set up so you can put your information in remind 101. The students will have a test on Tuesday over the basic skills we have covered the first 2 weeks of school.