retake of Tuesday test

Some students have expressed a desire to retake the Test from Tuesday. In order to do a retake the student must complete pages 166 and 167 in their textbook. they must show their work for all 18 problems. Once they show me the complete work I will leave a test for them in Morning tutoring, Tue-Thur tutoring, or Sat school.

Sept 5 to 8

This week we will be working on division of fractions. The students will go over reciprocal of a fraction (or number), dividing fractions, and dividing mixed numbers. We will have a test on Friday over dividing fractions. Next week will be the end of unit 1. We will have our unit one “Almost there” test on Wed Sept 13, and our unit 1 test on Friday Sept 15. If your student makes a 90 or higher on the “almost there” they will not be required to take the unit 1 test and there grade for the “almost there” will count as there unit one score.