We are doing 20 questions correct for home work this week. Also the the students can recover from another zero or lower grade they have in prodigy by completing 40 more correct questions. I do understand that 40 is twice as much as the original assignment of 20 but if they would have done the 20 the first time they would not have to worry about the 40.

Nov 4

This week we will have a quiz over exponents and their rules. Then we will start scientific notation. I am hoping to complete scientific notation in a week. We will also not have school On Tuesday. After scientific notation we will move to equations. Please don’t forget your student needs to complete 20 prodigy questions a week. I am also offering an opportunity for students to recover from zeros they may have for not completing the first 2 prodigy assignments for this nine weeks.

Grade recovery for Prodigy

The students will be given a chance this week and next week to recover the zeroes they have for prodigy. They will still have 20 problems to complete for the week, but they can do an additional 40 problems to recover one zero. Next week they will be given an additional chance to make up zeros.

Sept 9 – 13


This week the plan is to start on transformation. We will start the beginning of the week on rotational.

The students will take notes on rotation and graph figures and rotate them on a coordinate plain. then we will move to reflection.



Notes on transformation

Web site notes’





We want the smart math and robotic students of Griffin

Please join if you love math or love putting things together

Wildcat Mathletes
Sponsored by: Mr. Lohuis
Every Friday, 4:30 – 6 PM, Room 240
Open to all 6th – 8th graders, students will have an opportunity to engage in challenging
mathematics puzzles, participate in district competitions, create math videos for the
video math competition series, and offer service and support for students & parents of
the Griffin Middle School community. Make up days are on Tuesday mornings from 8 –
8:45 AM. Club starts the first week of September. Can’t wait to see you!


GMS Lego Robotics Club
Sponsored by: Mr. Lohuis
Every T: 8 – 9 AM & F: 4:30 – 6 PM, Room 240
Solve real-world engineering challenges, discover career possibilities, apply core values
and learn to make positive contributions to society as a member of this GMS Robotics
team. As a team, students will apply math & science concepts to research, design, build,
and program autonomous robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS. Starts the first week of
September. See you soon!