Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hello everyone,

This week, we have been working on your Treaty of Versailles essays and have been wrapping up our unit on European history. Remember the following two things:

  1. Periods 2 and 5: Your essay is due tomorrow! If you don’t turn it in tomorrow, you may turn it in after Thanksgiving break, but it will be 5 points taken off each day it is late!
  2. Your test on European history is tomorrow. The test is 25 multiple choice questions and will cover the following topics: 4 main causes of World War 1, rise of Nazis, Russian Revolution, Treaty of Versailles, and the Cold War. Please make sure you study for the test!

Good luck, and you gusy will do AWESOME!!! 🙂

Hola a Todos,

Esta semana, he estamos trabajando en los ensayos del Treaty of Versailles y terminando historia de Europa. Por favor, acordar las cosas siguientes:

  1. Periods 2 and 5: Necesitan entregar tus ensayos manana! Si no entregas tu ensayo manana, yo tengo deducir 5 puntos de su calificacion por todos los dias que su trabajo esta tarde!
  2. Tu examen de historia de Europa esta manana! El examen esta 25 preguntas y esta sobre estas temas: las causas principales de World War 1, los Nazis, La Revolucion de Russia, el Treaty ofVersailles, and La Guerra Fria. Necesitan estudiar por favor!!


Update for October

Hi everyone!

October has been quite a busy month for everyone, so I have not been timely with updating the blog. We had conference week two weeks ago, and parents had a chance to come in and meet with their children’s teachers. I was able to meet many of you then.

Also in October, we have switched from European geography to European history. We have been discussing World War 1: the causes and the effects. We will have a test the Friday before HTanksgivng break.


Hola! octubre ha estado un mes muy ocupado para todos, entonces estoy tarde con completando el blog. Tuvimos la semana de conferencias hasta do semanas, y los padres tuvieron una oportunidad para reunirse con su estudiantes.

Tambien, en octubre, empezamos historia de Europa. Hablamos sobre World War 1, las causas y los efectos.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hello everyone,

Periods 2 and 5 have a test on European Geography tomorrow. It will be focused on environmental issues in Europe (air pollution in the UK, acid rain in Germany, and the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl), how location impacts teh climate, population, and economy of a country. (Ex. How does the Rhine River running through Germany help Germany’s economoy? or Why can’t Russia access many of its natural resources?), and the language and religion of Europe. Europe speaks many diverse languages and has three main religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The students should have a graphic organizer to sudy for environmental issues with the causes, effects, and solutions. They should also have a graphix organizer that we have been completing in class the past two days on the religions of Europe.


Periods 1 and 6: The same test will be on Friday for these classes. I will post tomorrow copies of the completed organizers on this blog. The test will be over the above material.

Los estudiantes van a tomar un examen de geografia de Europa viernes. Voy a poner copias de las hojas para estudiar en este blog si los estudiantes necesitan. Periodos 2 y 5 tienen el examen manana. Tienen las hojas para estudiar, una de problemas del ambiente en Europa y una de religion.

Friday, September 14, 2018/viernes, el 14 de septiembre, 2018

Hello everyone! I hope oyu all have a great weekned! /Hola a todos! Ojala que todos tienen una fin de semana muy buena!!

It has been quite a busy week! The students completed two assignemnts while I was out last Friday and finished them in class: One was a skills review over the geography of Europe. Thw other was a review of the environmental issues in Europe. They are labeled Chapter 20 and Chapter 21. These are for a grade and will be graded this weekend. Also, the students have been working on an “I AM” poem for the environmental issues related to Europe. Some students finished it in class, but if they did not, it is homework and will be due in class on Tuesday! If it is not, it will be for a  late grade.

Also, students have a test on the map of Europe on Wednesday!! It was written in their agendas today, and I signed each student’s agenda (or sheet of paper if they lsot their agenda). Please be sure to check that as well. They have a Europe map with them to use to study. It should be labeled correctly with all the countries and physical features. Some of them have two maps to study!


Ha estado una semana muy ocupada en la clase!!! Los estudiantes completaron dos asignaciones cuando yo no estuvo en la clase el viernes pasado. Una esta una hoja sobre la geografia de Europa. La otra esta una hoja sobre las problemas ambientales en Europa. Las hojas se llaman Chapter 20 y Chapter 21. Estas son notas y estan por una calificacion.

Los estudiantes tambien escribieron o estan escribiendo poems sobre las problemas ambientales de Europa. Esta poema esta tarea si los estudienates no completan en las clase. La fecha para completar esta martes. Si esta despues de martes, estraia una calificacion tarde.

Finalmente, los estudiantes tienen un examen de la mapa de Europa miercoles!!! Tienen mapas para estudiar!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018/jueves, el 30 de agosto

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow is our first test in social studies over geography/map skills. The test will cover longitude and latitude, reading a map, locating the continents and oceans, and identifying and distinguishing the enduring understandings. I have posted here some extra resources for students to use to practice for the test if they feel the need.

Hola a todos,

Manana esta el examen primero del estudios sociales. Abajo son websitios por los estudiantes para practicar para el examen.

Latitude and Longitude

viernes, 24 de agosto

Hola a todos!

Esta semana in estudios sociales, practicamos como usar mapas-una escala de mapa, las direcciones, y simbolos de mapas. Empezando a la proxima semana, el lunes, voy a escribir el blog por toda la semana en una tiempo porque es mas facil por ti para chequar.

Tarea por esta noche (viernes): Completar el papel (worksheet) sobre longitud y latitud. 

ANUNCIOUS IMPORTANTES: El proximo viernes, el 31 de agosto,  esta el examen primero de estudios sociales!!! Los estudiantes van a completar un study guide en las clase y van a traerlo a la casa martes para estudiar.

Friday, August 24

Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry for the delay! Starting Monday, the blog for the week will be updated for the entire week in one post, so that way, you can see what is going on each day of the week!!

This week, we worked on map skills and longitude and latitude. We practice how to use a map key, a compass rose, and a map scale. Then, we have been practicing longitude and latitude since Wednesday.

Homework Tonight (Friday): Students are to finish the longitude and latitude practice sheet if they did not complete it in class. It is for a grade and will need to be turned in on Monday!

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: We will have our first TEST in Social Studies on Friday, August 31!! We will complete the study guide together in class on Monday and Tuesday, and then the students will bring it hoem completed on Tuesday to start studying for the test on Friday. I will also post a copy of the study guide on HERE on Monday’s post!! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hi  everyone! First blog post of the year…..woohoo!!

All Periods: Please make sure you study for your enduring understandings quiz!!! You should have your study guides completed (the matching cards ou were cutting and gluing). If not, please finish that at home.

2nd and 5th Periods: Your quiz will be TOMORROW, Wednesday, August 15.

1st and 6th Periods: Your quiz will be Thursday, August 16.


Week of March 12-16, 2018

We have been finishing up our argument unit. We are going to wrap up this week because the grading period ends tomorrow and grades are due Friday!!!

Periods 1 and 2: We are finishing our argument essay in class. Tomorrow, we will be doing revision stations, so you need to have your rough draft completed by TOMORROW!!  🙂

We will have a Unit test on FRIDAY on argument writing. The following words will be on the test, as well as some reading. It will be all multiple choice.We will review in class on Thursday!

claim, reasons, evidence, hook, body paragraphs, thesis, cite, conclusion, paraphrase, plagiarize, summary, formal writing, transitions, topic sentence, credible, source, analyze, evaluate, lead-in/evidence starter


Periods 3 and 4: Your test will be THURSDAY!! We will review in class tomorrow! We have just finished our argument letter and will start having some fun practice with sentences next week!!