Week of Monday, 1/9/2017

Monday: No school due to letter!

Tuesday: Periods 1 and 2: We did an introduction to Unit 3: Argument in SpringBoard. We learned the definitions of claim, argument, and controversy. Then, we did a Frayer model with the word controversy. We discussed the difference between argument and persuasion. We completed an anticipation guide on hot topics and started a mini debate on selected topics.

Periods 3 and 4: We worked on finishing our Rejected Snowman projects. Then, we began a group activity called “Who Should Survive?” where the students were given a sinking ship scenario and were asked to analyze a group of 15 people that were on the ship and determine which seven would be saved with the life boat. They had to write their reasons why each person should be saved.

Wednesday: The students watched a video about whether or not chewing gum should be banned in public school. Then, they completed a chart stating their claims. After that, they began to read two letters on opposing sides of the issue and analyze the claims made by those authors. They will continue and then will turn it into a constructed response, writing their own letter with their personal claim.

HOMEWORK: Finish your snowman project fi you did not finish in class!!

November 27-December 1, 2017

This week, we learned how to find the main idea of a passage. We worked on summarizing an informational text and on annotating. Thursday and Friday, we worked on sentence structure. We have reviewed simple and compound sentences, and we will learn about complex sentences on Monday.

We also got a new set of root words for this week. There will be a test on these words next Friday!

Esta semana, aprendiemos como buscar la idea central de lectura. Aprendiemos como a summirizar un texto informacional. Jueves y viernes, trabajmos en estructura de frases. Vamos a aprender frases complejos a lunes.

Tambien, los estudiantes recibieron palabras nuevas por vocabulario. Vamos a tomar un examen en estas palabras en viernes de la proxima semana!

Have a great weekend!! 🙂

Tenga un buen fin de semana!! 🙂

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hello everyone,

We have been working on expository/informational writing. We have been working on main idea, text structure, tone and mood, writing using RACES, citing text evidence, and other skills. We are working on summarizing and research next week, and then we will begin writing an expository essay!

There is NO HOMEWORK over the break!! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving break!!! 🙂


Hola a Todos,

Ha hechemos trabajando en escritura informacional. Ha hechemos trabajando con idea central, structura del texto, tone and mood, and escritura parafos con evidencia textual. estamos trabajar en summarizar y investigacion cunado regresamos en la proxima semana. Despues, vamos a empezar escribiendo un ensayo informacional.

Hay NO TAREA durante la proxima semana!!! Un muy bueno Thanksgiving a todos!!! 🙂

Friday, November 3, 2017

Periods 1 and 2: Today, the warm-up was to watch a video from  “The Little Mermaid.” We finished up our cause and effect week. We finished our activity with the story, “The Tell-Tale Heart” and we wrote a cause and effect constructed response about “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Then, we began looking at the story, “The Girl Who Stood on a Grave,” and we found the causes and effects in the story. We will use that story as a model for the activity we will complete on Monday  using informational texts.


Clases 3 y 4: Hoy, vimos un video de “The Little Mermaid” Terminamos nuestra semana de causa y efecto. Terminamos la actividad con la cuenta “The Tell-Tale Heart.”Despues, empezamos una actividad de causa y efecto con articulos.


Monday, October 31, 2017

Good morning everyone!


Last Week Recap: Last week, we finished compare and contrast. The students wrote a constructed response using compare and contrast key words. I also introduced the students to literature circles, which we will  begin this Thursday! On Friday, we did a grammar workshop, learning about helping  and linking verbs.

In ESOL, we only did helping verbs for  now. Since we spent more time on the constructed response, we will move into literature circles this week!


This Week: This week, we will wrap-up how-to writing, which we also learned last week. We will also begin learning cause and effect writing. We will begin our literature circles with both short texts and our novel for this unit, “Walk Two Moons.” We will also have a new set of root words and prefixes/suffixes coming out, and there will be a quiz on those next Monday!!

Be READY for tomorrow….it is HALLOWEEN! Be prepared for a little Halloween treat!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Periods 1 and 2: Today, we talked about what literature circles are, and the students completed a practice activity with the different literature circle role sheets.

Periods 3 and 4: We modeled and began working on a constructed response comparing and contrasting two Disney songs, “Part of Your World”  from The Little Mermaid and “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana.

Homework: STUDY FOR YOUR VOCABULARY QUIZ!!! The roots and words on the quiz are:

vis, struct, aud, therm, photo, compare, contrast, and perspective


Clases 1 y 2: Hoy, ensenamos sobre grupos de litertura y los estudiantes practicaron con una actividad.

Clases 3 y 4: Hoy, empezamos una asignacion de escritura en que los estudiantes necesitan comparar y contrastar dos canciones de Disney: “Part of Your World” de Little Mermaid y “How Far I’ll Go” de Moana.


El vocabulario en el examen esta:

vis, struct, therm, aud, photo, compare, contrast, and perspective

Tuesday, October 17,2017

Today, we defined compare and contrast, and we compared and contrasted two different things. We also began listening to a song that we will compare to another song tomorrow.


Hoy, creemos de una definicion de comparar y contraste. Comparamos y contrastamos dos cosas. Despues, continuamos con la primera cancion. Manana, escuchamos a una otra cancion para comprarar y contrastar.

Friday, October 13, 3017

Today, we took our pre-test for Unit 2.

Homework: If you did not complete the activity about the article, you need to complete it!

Hoy, hizimos un examen para introducir Unit 2.

Tarea: Si ya no completaste, yo necesito completar este fin de semana!


Have a GREAT weekend!

Tenga un BUEN fin de semana!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Today, we finished modeling of the thinking notes. Then, we read the remainder of the article independently and finished the thinking notes independently. Tomorrow, we will wrap it up with the activity about the article on the last page.

Homework: None

Hoy, terminamos a practicar las notas del texto. Despues, leyemos el parte final del texto y tomamos notas del articulo independiente. Manana, vamos a continuar y completar la leccion con la actividad en la pagina final.

Tarea Hoy: Naada

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Today, we had our first LEAP lesson! We began a series of activities about having the power to change, which is the theme of Unit 2. We analyzed a picture of a man giving a girl his shoes. Then, we watched an inspiring TED Talk video about kids in India who created change in their community. Then, we went over how to do thinking notes and began reading an article, with which I modeled the thinking notes for them. We also discussed the definition of the word annotation and the purpose of annotating a text.

Hoy, tenemos nuestra leccion de LEAP! Empezamos un serie de actividades sobre el poder para cambiar. Es la tema por Unit 2. Analizamos un foto de un hombre quien di sus zapatos a una nina. Despues, vimos un video inspirador sobre ninos de India quien creado cambiar en sus comunidades.Despues, los estudiantes aprendieron como hacer “thinking notes” y empezamos a leer un articulo. Yo mostre los estudiantes como a hacer “thinking notes” con el  articulo. Tambien, discutimos la definicion de la palabra “annotation” y el proposito para “annotation.”