Week of Aug. 14, 2017

We are beginning to fall into a routine. I was glad to be able to talk with some of you at Open House. However, if you were not able to come, do not worry. You may contact me at any time with any questions you may have. The best way to reach me is by email at [email protected]

This week, our focus will be:


Place value and number sense– this will guide us in to adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers


We will continue to learn reading strategies, as well as be able to tell beginning, middle and end of a story. Please encourage your child to choose books at their level.

Language Arts:

We are learning the elements of a story (characters, setting, problem, solution), as well as nouns and which nouns get capitalized. Moreover, we will work on spelling patterns and writing skills with a focus on Narratives.

Social Studies:

We will focus on map skills

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