Week of Aug. 21, 2017

What an exciting day! It is here! Today is the eclipse. Please remember that dismissal has been extended today to 3pm due to the eclipse.  Your child can only go outside if we have a permission slip from you to go outside. If not, he/she will watch the live stream. If you choose, you also may take your child out early.

This week is picture day.

Tuesday is K-2

Wednesday is 3-5

This week, we will be learning:


We will continue place value and discuss how to write numbers. We will also discuss rounding numbers.


As a class, we will be reading Charlotte’s Web. In addition, we will be starting our guided reading groups. Your child will be given a specific reading strategy to work on. Please know what it is so you can work on it at home during your reading time.

Language Arts:

We will be working on plural nouns, capitalization and writing good sentences.

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