Week of Nov 13, 2017

Homework change: I will be sending home weekly logs for Math. 2nd graders will be working on single and double digit addition and subtraction (12+7, 13-6, etc) and 3rd graders will work on multiplication facts 0-9. 

For reading, I will send home weekly logs. 

Look at both logs and please let me know if I need to clarify anything or give you any more resources. I believe these homework routines will help the students more than trying to give a daily worksheet for homework. 


Students will continue with measurement (2nd grade) and area (3rd grade)


3rd grade- We are working on Systems 44

2nd grade- They will join us in the whole group lessons, but when we break into small group, we will be working on guided reading. In guided reading, I will be having the students read the same book with me and we will discuss it and also work on phonics while we are reading.

Language Arts:

We will be working on compound words as well as writing complete sentences and spelling patterns. Additionally, we will be writing a letter about why we are thankful

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a restful time with your family. Enjoy the week!