I will try to keep your child’s homework to a minimum. Your child will be working hard all day in school. It is important he/she go home and be together as a family. Great activities that you can do at home include playing board games, doing puzzles, cooking/baking! Your child will be learning and not even know it! It is also important for your child to play outside.

However, there will be some homework.

Your child will be asked to read for 20 minutes Monday- Thursday. He/she can still read on the weekends. I just know how busy weekends can get. The best way to get better at reading is to Read…Read…Read.

Your child can read independently (please make sure you discuss the book, though), with you (you can take turns reading), or you can read to your child (just discuss the book). Your child can even listen to audio books. These are all ways to get that reading time in.

Most days, Mondays-Thursdays, there will be math homework. There should be no more than 10 problems. If you need help with the “New Math,” please let me know. If the homework begins to be too stressful for your son/daughter, please write a note on the top of the page and let your child stop.

I will probably also send home a short list of sight words every once in a while. I do not want to do this daily since I don’t want to bombard you with homework.

Of course, prior to a test in Science and Social Studies, you will see a study guide come home. This will be a great way to prepare your child for the upcoming test.

As your child gets older, there will be plenty of homework, so it is doubtful that you will see anything other than the above.