March 4th-8th

Important Dates this Week:

March 4th- World War 2 Test

March 5th- Palmer Middle School will visit Pitner

March 7th- 4-H Lessons

March 8th- Symphony Field Trip (We will have an early lunch, so maybe bring an extra snack for the afternoon)


What will be learning this week?

Math-We are building on our foundation of volume by trying out real-world problems and looking at composite volume of figures.  Continue to use IXL to practice!

Reading- We are enjoying The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  We will keep reading this book and using it to review all 10 reading literature standards.

Writing- We all picked opinion topics and wrote STRONG opinion statements. So this week the focus will be on research, getting our piece organized, and starting the first draft!

Social Studies and Science- We will take our World War II Test on Monday and review content on Tuesday.  Wednesday we will start our next Science Unit: Physical and Chemical changes!

World War 2 Test

Our test for World War 2 will be Monday, March 4th.  Students received their study guide yesterday.  This is one of our bigger Social Studies units with a lot of names and events.  I am attaching a filled in study guide below.  We will be reviewing the rest of the week, so students should be well prepared for Monday!

Here is what we are learning in our other subjects:

Math- We started volume this week.  We have been looking at several hands-on explorations as well as learning the formula for volume.  There is a TON of volume practice on

Reading- We are reading one of my favorite books, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, to review all ten of our Reading Literature standards.  Students are also practicing these skills with their independent reading.  We are continuing to work on using context clues to understand new or unknown words as well.

Writing- We are still doing opinion writing this week.  Students are picking their topics and doing research to prepare for writing an opinion essay.

February 4-8

Important dates for next week:

February 7th- 4-H will visit

February 8th- SweetHeart Dance

Coming up soon:

February 12- Field trip to the Holocaust Museum at KSU (Make sure permission slip is turned in)

Progress reports go home

February 14- Human Growth and Development (Make sure permission slip is turned in)

February 15- Human Growth and Development

Picture Day

Six Flags Reading Log is due

February 18-22: Winter Break!


What are we learning next week?

Math- We will move into measurement conversion this week.  We will look at how to change 300 centimeters into 3 meters and 3 feet into 36 inches.  We will start with the metric system and then start looking at customary units by the end of the week.  There is practice for this skill on IXL under “Units of Measurement”.

Reading- We will be focusing on context clues next week.  Being able to use clues around a word to figure out its meaning is such a necessary reading skill!  This helps students comprehend what they are reading and make inferences.  (Of course, this is also a good test taking skill to have up your sleeve!)

Writing- We are moving into opinion writing this week.  This is always one of my favorite units because students have a lot of opinions!  The key is finding evidence and research to back up those opinions!  We will start the week by just looking at some types of opinion writing (book and movie reviews, advertisements, articles, etc) and then study some pieces to see how author’s use facts to support their points of view!

Social Studies- We are continuing to study World War II.  This week we will specifically look at V-E day, the U.S.’s decision to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and V-J day.  We will also look at what Americans were doing during the war and study Rosie the Riveter.


Please let me know if you have any questions about what we are learning or events coming up!

January 28-February 1

Important Dates for next week:

Monday, Jan 28- Wear crazy socks/hair (Crazy about Kindness)

Tuesday, Jan 29- Wear bright clothing (Shine bright for kindness)

Wednesday, Jan 30- Sports attire (Team Kindness)

Thursday, Jan 31- Rock star attire (Kindness Rocks)

Friday, Feb 1- Pajama Day (Dreaming of Kindness); Movie Reward Day for January

What will we be learning?

Math- We are continuing to learn all about two-dimensional figures.  This week we will look at quadrilaterals.  We will also be reviewing line plots and other fraction skills.

Reading- This is our last week of close reading poetry.  This week is all about Maya Angelou.

Writing- We will try a few more types of poetry this week, and then pick one of those poems to revise/edit and publish!  We have also been working on Quick Writes to practice writing in a timed setting.  Then we are meeting with a peer to take a look at the grammar.

Social Studies- We are continuing our unit on World War 2.  We have enjoyed some really powerful picture books on the Holocaust so far.

January 22-25

This week we will be working on…

Math- We are starting geometry by classifying 2-dimensional figures.  We will be focused on vocabulary this week such as congruent, right angles, scalene triangles, quadrilateral, etc. Please continue to use to review past skills!

Reading- Today we close read Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech.  The rest of the week we will be close reading poetry by Robert Frost.

Writing- We are continuing to write different types of poetry.  We are also implementing daily “quickwrites” to practice responding to a prompt and getting used to timed writing.

Social Studies- We are kicking off World War 2 this week.  This is a dense unit with a lot of key terms, places, and people.  I will be using a lot of literature and children’s books to supplement this unit and give students context for this time in history!

Jan 14- Jan 18

We had a great first week back of 2019! We reviewed and went over routines and procedures and had a great 4-H lesson on microorganisms.

Here’s what we will be doing next week:

Math- We will focus on line plots with fractions next week.  We have touched on this some, but it will be the focus of our work next week.  Students will have a quiz on this on Friday the 18th.

Reading- We will continue working on poetry by reading some Langston Hughes poetry.  These tie in well with our Social Studies standards.

Writing- We will also continue exploring poetry by trying out sonnets, ballads and concrete poems.  We will continue studying figurative language.

Science- We will finish our unit on Cells and Microorganisms for a test on Thursday, January 17th.  Friday we will start to preview our next Social Studies unit: World War II.

Welcome back for 2019!

I am excited to see everyone back after the break! We will be doing some review and assessment this week and hit the ground running next week!

Important dates this week:

Thursday, January 10: 4-H Visit

Friday, January 11: WriteScore Assessment (Students will take an online assessment that mirrors the ELA writing section of the End of Grade test).


What will be learning?

Math- Fractions Review of all operations and word problems

Reading and Writing- We will be doing a poetry unit for the month of January.  We will focus on many different types of poetry and students will be writing some poetry as well.  We will start with a poem by Eloise Greenfield.

Science- We will kick off the year with a science unit on cells and microorganisms.  Specifically, we will look at plant and animal cells this week.


Thanks for your support and I’m looking forward to a great 2019!

Last week of 2018!

Important Dates this week:

Monday, December 17- Holiday Character Day

Tuesday, December 18-Candy Cane (Red and White) Day

Wednesday, December 19-Holiday Hat Day

Thursday, December 20- Holiday Sweater Day, Early Release (12:30)

Friday, December 21- PJ Day, Sing-a-long, Class Breakfast Party, Early Release (12:30)


What are we learning?

Math- Reviewing fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, line plots, etc)

Reading- Studying Jan Brett books to see how illustrations enhance our writing

Writing-Finishing and sharing our informational holiday books with Ms. Hill’s class

Social Studies- Wrapping up Great Depression and the New Deal


Thanks for a great first half of fifth grade!