Parent Lunch Info


We welcome you to come and enjoy lunch with your student on the stage! However, when joining your student for lunch, only your student is permitted to eat with you on the stage.  Lately, there has been an issue with multiple students dining with one adult taking up the limited seating and generating lots of traffic in the stage area with students moving between their classroom seating and the stage area.

Thank you for your cooperation in making sure we provide ample space for guest diners and in reducing the amount of traffic at the stage area.

online book fair

The Nickajack Learning Commons and Nickajack PTA are hosting the Jack’s first online book fair! Our partner, Children’s Bookstore, has over 200,000 titles available! The incredible selection of books, from baby board books to young adult, includes all genres of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and books in a series.  Shopping on the site is easy – shop award winning books, books by reading level, books in a series, bargain books, and Best of books.

The fair is open 24/7 and will run until midnight December 15th.  All books are shipped directly to the customer.  Our school will earn 30% of every book purchased – proceeds will benefit our Nickajack Learning Commons and Nickajack PTA.


When:  December 1st – December 15th

Unique code for checkout:   nesBraves2017

Peek at the Week

Focus for the week:  11/27-12/01

Social Studies: Goods and Services

Math: Problem solving with various strategies, introduction to length

Phonics: oi, oy

ELA: Informational writing, reflexive nouns, 5 Ws


Important Dates:

Reading log is due Thursday, November 30th

STEAM Trading Post, Friday, December 1st – Culminating activity for Creeks, Cherokees, Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, and James Ogelthorpe.  The student will rotate amongst the second grade classrooms to take part in a “trading post”.



Focus for the week:  12/04-12/08

Science – Forces

Math – Measurement and Length

Phonics: inconsistent spellings

Language Arts/Reading – Root Words with Prefixes and Suffixes


Transportation Changes Policy

It is our goal to ensure that all Nickajack students are transported safely to their afternoon destination. To achieve this goal, any change to your child’s afternoon transportation must be submitted in writing to our front office staff.  We will not accept any verbal requests on the phone or any requests sent via email.

We ask parents to make all transportation changes clear to the student before they leave home in the morning.  Parents should send a note with the change information (see below) with the student.

However, there are times when a change is necessary after the instructional day has begun.  In these instances the request must be in writing and faxed to the school no later than 1:30 p.m. on the day of the change.

Required Information:    Transportation Change Form

  • Student’s name

  • Teacher’s name

  • Date(s) the change will be effective

  • Identify the new mode of transportation

  • Parent’s name (printed)

  • Parent’s signature

  • Parent contact information – i.e. cell phone number, email, etc.

  • Please call to verify that your fax was received. 
  • Do not send transportation changes to the teachers via email.

Phone:  (678) 842-5814

Fax:      (678) 842-5832


This week in class:

Reading: Story Elements and Beginning, Middle, and End

Writing: Narrative Writing

Phonics: Short I and Long I (i_e)

Math: Place Value and different ways to show a number

Ex: Standard form, expanded form, word form, base ten

Content: Regions and Rivers of Georgia

Including the compass rose, map key, reading maps

GA projects are due Friday, October 6th.  This and your reading log are your only homework assignments.  Pace yourself and use your time wisely (don’t wait until the last minute!)  Be creative and have fun with it! Please make sure you are continuing to read daily and record it on your reading log.  Regular homework packets will resume Monday, October 9th.

As always do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions .  The daily folder and email are excellent ways to contact us.

Please also help us out by seeing and signing the daily folder every day.  That way we know you’ve seen any notes or work we’ve sent home.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU WONDERFUL PARENTS. We are learning tons and enjoying our time with these precious children!