General Information

Absences– All absences must be accompanied by a parent or doctor’s excuse to be counted as excused.  Please note, per Cobb County policy, absences exceeding 5 days will result in a school attendance note. 

Arrival and Dismissal– School drop off may begin at 7:15.  School begins promptly at 7:50.  Students arriving after that time will be counted as tardy.  Dismissal begins at 2:10 beginning with daycare/ASP/club, followed by bus and car.  Please note that if you should need to pick up your child early, you must sign them out prior to 1:30 PM. Students who are car riders, that are not picked up by 2:40, will be sent to ASP. Please note, dismissal changes will not be accepted after 1:45.

ASP– ASP stands for “After School Program”. ASP runs daily from school dismissal until 6:00 P.M.  ASP is a pre-paid program. There is a $10.00 registration fee with a $7.00 daily cost.  Payment must be made in the school provided gold envelope. Please let me know at any time if you would like me to send home extra envelopes with your child. 

Birthdays– We would love to participate in celebrating your child’s birthday.  If you would like to send in a pre-cut or pre-packaged snack with your child, please let us know in advance and we would happy to pass them out during snack or lunch. 

Conference Week– Parent teacher conferences will be held October 16th-20th.  School will be dismissed two hours earlier during the conference week period.  A couple of weeks prior to conferences, you will receive information on how to sign up for your child’s conference.  During conferences, we will discuss academic progress, practice and enrichment ideas, and your child’s current behavior. 

Breakfast- Breakfast will be served from 7:15-7:40 each morning in the cafeteria. Students who wish to buy breakfast should report directly to the cafeteria before going to the classroom. Breakfast is $1.25 for students and $2.00 for guests. You may pay online through My Payment Plus or send in money in a envelope labeled with your child’s name and teacher. You can find breakfast menus through the Cobb County website.

Lunch–  Mrs. Genesi’s class will eat lunch from 11:12-11:37 and Mr. T’s class will eat lunch from 11:09-11:34. Student lunches are $2.25, and guest lunches are $3.50.  You may pay daily, weekly, or monthly.  Mondays are great days to pay for lunches.  Please send money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and teacher. All checks also need to be labeled with your child’s name and teacher. You may pay online through My Payment Plus. The Cobb County website has a Lunch Menu.  Please keep in mind that students may purchase “extras”.  You can make a note on your child’s account to have extras on specific days, one day, any day of the week, or no days. If you come to eat lunch with your child, you and your child will sit in the cafeteria annex.

Learning Commons- Students will be able to visit the Learning Commons for book check out between 7:15 and 7:40. Please make sure that your child brings back his/her library books on a weekly basis in order to be able to check out new books or renew any book he/she wishes to keep. 

Medication–  If your child should need to take medication for any reason, you will need to send it in its original container and fill out a form for our school nurse.  All medication must be administered from the school nurse, including ointments or cough drops.  If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse. 

Snack–  We will eat a working snack each day.  Students may bring in a healthy snack (no candy) and a water bottle each day.  If you are interested in donating emergency class snacks, please let me know. 

Specials and Recess–  Please know that on PE days students are required to wear tennis shoes.  You may check our specials calendar link on our blog for these days.  We will also go outside for recess each day for 15-20 minutes, weather permitting, so please remember to send a jacket or sweatshirt as the weather turns cooler.

Transportation–  Per county policy, all transportation changes must be in writing.  Please send in a written note in the “Commination” section of your child’s binder.  Please know that I am not allowed to accept transportation changes through email.  If in the event you need to make an emergency change, please contact the front office to fax over a change.