A Peek at Our Week {Week 16}

Reading: This week we will focus on reading multiple nonfiction text on the same topic. We will compare the texts and add to our understanding of a topic.

Writing: We will finish working on writing a paragraph.

Spelling: This week’s pattern is the variant vowel oo. Our words are brook, push, pull, bush, look, full, bully, bookshop, and seagull. Students will also choose their own word for their tenth spelling word.

Math: Our focus will be on adding and subtracting two two-digit numbers using strategies based on place value (make a model using base-ten blocks, hundreds chart, and expanded form).

Social Studies: This week we will learn about Mary Musgrove.


-Reading and math homework is due Friday.

-Don’t forget to keep working on your Scientist of the Day project.

A Peek at Our Week {Week 15}

Reading: This week we will learn strategies to help us solve unknown, or tricky words, in a nonfiction text.

Writing: This week’s focus will be on organizing facts into a paragraph.

Spelling: This week our pattern will focus on the oo sound. Our words are brew, soup, blue, clue, blew, group, cashew, cartoon, and pursue. Students have their words for the week (including a self-selected word) written in their “My Weekly Spelling Work” tab book. This tab book should be kept in their writing pocket. We will be completing a different spelling activity everyday in class. The word that they selected to add to their spelling list will be assessed on Friday on the spelling test. Students should not only know how to spell the word, but should know what the word means as well.

Math: This week we will be working on solving two-step word problems.

Social Studies: We are beginning our biography unit with JamesĀ  Oglethorpe.


-Nightly reading and math homework is due Friday. Student “Scientist of the Day” idea page is due Friday also. This can be found at the bottom of the explanation letter. All that needs to be returned is the portion below the dotted line.

-Progress Reports will come home Thursday, November 17th. Please sign a copy of the Progress Report and return it on Friday.

-Thursday, November 17th will be our Thanksgiving Feast. Our class will eat from 11:15-11:45. Please put money on your student’s lunch account prior to Thursday for all guest. I hope to see everyone here!

-Please continue to send in cans for the “STEM Can” campaign. All cans donated will be given to MUST Ministries.

-Next week is Thanksgiving Break. We will not have school. Have a happy Thanksgiving!