A Peek at Our Week

Reading: This week we will continue to focus on determining the main topic of a nonfiction text. We will also continue to work on asking and answering questions about a nonfiction text.

Writing: We are wrapping up one narrative writing piece. This will be sent home at the end of the week so you can see what areas your child still needs to develop in.

Spelling: Our spelling pattern is past tense verbs that end in “ed”.

Math: We are leaning about 2D shapes. Students will need to be able to name the shape, draw the shape, and describe the shape using its’ attributes.

Social Studies: We will be learning about how goods and services are allocated.


-Homework will be due Friday.

-Please remember to return report card envelopes as soon as possible.

-Please return Fire Safety field trip permission slips by Friday.

Peek at Our Week

Reading: This week in reading we will focus on determining the main topic/idea of a nonfiction text.

Writing: We will revisit narrative writing. Students will need to be able to write a personal narrative to include a beginning, middle, and end by the end of the quarter.

Spelling: This week’s spelling focus will be on suffixes (ly, ful, er). Our spelling test will be Friday.

Math: This week we are reviewing and retesting quarter 3 standards.

Social Studies: We will learn about Jimmy Carter and his contributions to our state and nation.


-Homework will be due Friday.

-Our field trip to Fernbank is Wednesday, March 22nd.

-Thursday, March 23rd is spring picture day.

-Report cards go home Thursday, March 23rd. Please sign the envelope and return it to school.

A Peek at Our Week

Reading: This week we are wrapping up fables and folktales. We will work to define fablesĀ and folktales and find their central message.

Writing: We will continue to work on our opinion writing pieces. We will incorporate letter writing into an opinion writing piece this week as well. Students will need to know the parts of a letter and where to place commas within a letter.

Spelling: This week’s spelling pattern focus is on silent consonants. This is a tricky pattern and will need additional practice throughout the week both at home and at school. As with any spelling pattern, have students work to generalize that pattern by forming additional words that follow the same pattern. Our spelling test will be Friday.

Math: We will wrap up one- and two-step word problems. Our word problem assessment will be Tuesday, March 14th. We will spend the remainder of the week reviewing skills from the past quarter.

Social Studies: We will wrap up our rules and laws unit and discuss how rules and laws impacted Martin Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson. We will also learn about the different roles (President, Governor, Mayor) of people in our government and who are in these roles.


-This is the last week for our STEMtastic campaign! Please continue to get those donations in! Our class totals continue to rise and we would love to see more of our class participate in our fundraising efforts! Remember, everyone receives benefits from the Foundation. Let’s help them out!

-If you have not returned Fernbank permission forms, please do so by Friday. Our field trip is next Wednesday, March 22nd. Also, our chaperone meeting will be held Thursday, March 16th at 2:30 in Ms. Chaffins’ room.

-Homework will be coming home today and will be due Friday. It looks a little different this week, but we went over expectations in class.