Science Experiment (Extra Credit)

Here is an experiment you can do at home! If you film it and then put it on see saw you will get bonus points on the next science test! (If you cant film on seesaw film on phone and email!) Make sure to answer the questions below. (Please complete by Monday November 6th)

The first experiment is a very simple one that shows children how to tell if a chemical reaction has occurred by observing the formation of a gas.

Materials Needed:

  • A bottle
  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • a balloon
  • a funnel

Have the kids place a small amount (a couple tablespoons) of baking soda in the balloon using the funnel. Then have them pour vinegar into the bottle so it is about half full. Very carefully stretch the balloon around the top of the bottle, making sure you keep the balloon down so that the baking soda doesn’t fall into the bottle just yet. Once the kids have formed their guesses have them tip the balloon up to allow the baking soda to drop into the bottle. Make sure they hold the top of the balloon so that it doesn’t come off. Once they have observed the reaction, ask questions.

  • What type of reaction occurred?
  • How do they know?
  • What is inside the balloon?

Whats up in 5th Grade?

Whats going on everyone! It was great to talk with the parents about your students during conference week!


Here is what we are learning:

Reading: We are continuing with our novel study of Esperanza Rising. This week we are diving into the challenges that the characters face and how they respond to those challenges.


Writing: This week we are working on writing opinion pieces and incorporating the Taco Truck PBL into ELA. Students will write an “Elevator Pitch” for their Taco Truck and present their pitch to the class.


Math: Our big project right now is our PBL (project based learning) activity on food trucks! Students are creating their own taco truck business! Students will be adding and subtracting decimals and creating logo’ and slogans for their businesses.

Also we are going to be multiplying and dividing decimals!

Science: students will be discovering what a Physical and Chemical changes are!

Weekly Update

Math- In math we have been studying place value! We are learning up to the thousandths place, which is 3 place value spots after the decimal. Here is a helpful web link-
Also we are going to be comparing place values- 400 is 100 times the value of 4.
We will be subtracting and adding decimals, as well as multiplying and dividing them.

Social Studies- We have been going over the Civil War. We are now in to the reconstruction time period after the Civil War. Students will be given a study guide on Wednesday October 11th.

Reading- We are beginning our first novel study of the year, Esperanza Rising. We will be working on describing the setting and the main character this week using evidence from the text to support our descriptions.

Writing- We are wrapping up our narrative writing unit. Students will publish their final drafts this week.

Reading Homework: Students will read the weekly passage and answer questions each night. We will check homework every day.

Language: Students will have nightly language homework that spirals through our Fifth Grade Language Standards. We will check homework each day. Their language quiz will be Friday over the standards on the homework.

Weekly Announcements:
-This Thursday is an early release day for students.
-Conference Week begins next week! Please check your email for information regarding signing up for your child’s conference. Here is the Sign-Up Genius link just in case…
-Field trip permission forms came home today. Please return both forms (field trip and t-shirt) as soon as possible.