What We’re Learning

Language Arts: This week we will continue to focus on The Civil Rights Movement. We will learn about The Civil Rights Movement through videos, photographs, books, articles, and reader’s theater passages. Our test will be Friday, March 16th. We will spend a few days leading up to the test reviewing.

Math: We are focusing the next 2 weeks on Fractions! We have been learning how to: Add-Subtract- Multiply and Now divide Fractions! We are leaning how to show them in visual models as well as completing them mathematically through algorithms!

Social Studies: We have finished up with the roaring twenties and the great depression and are moving into WWII. Please study your notes in your journals the night after we take our notes in class!

Science: We are moving into animal classification and traits!! At the end of this month!


-We kicked off our STEM Campaign last Friday with a Pep Rally! Students will be working to raise donations for our Foundation for the next two weeks! We love our Frey Foundation and all the wonderful STEM resources they provide!


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