How many students do you recruit for the bowl…I see that ten students can go to the competition, but do you start with more?
You can have up to five students on the official roster with five alternates. Only five students may compete at one time.

How many teachers/coaches do you have/need?
We need a minimum of one per school.

Do we create questions?
We recommend creating questions to practice … you can have your students write questions, you can write questions, and you can look at practice questions on the Georgia HRRB site.

Where do you get questions for the CCSD competition?
Volunteers write and contribute the questions for the competition database. They are asked to sign an ethics statement stating that they will delete all copies of the contributed questions and not use them for team practice.

Does every student read all the books … or just four to five on which they become experts?
This really depends on your coaching strategy and your team members. Our students typically read four to five each but some students will read many more than that. Sometimes a student will read all 20 books.

How do you hold competition? I envision a spelling bee-type setup.
Typically there are two tables (one per team) set up at angles to one another, facing the console judge with their backs to the audience (parents are other students on team are not in that round).

I know this isn’t an issue for high schools, but typically there are books on the Georgia Book Award list that I don’t purchase because I don’t think they are appropriate for elementary students … would that put our kids at a serious disadvantage for competition?
On average about three questions will come from each book, so choosing not to allow your students to read a particular book may be an option that you would feel more comfortable with.

Can parents attend the competition?
Yes, parents are encouraged to attend the opening and closing ceremonies and if space is available in the competition room, parents may watch the competition rounds. Please note that parents must remain silent during competition and may not interact with the team, coaches, console judge, scorekeeper, or moderator.

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