HRRB competition rules

Game format

  1. A school may have no more than one team.
  2. Each school will participate in six rounds.
  3. Each round will consist of 10 questions.
  4. Alternates may be substituted between rounds.
  5. Teams will receive 10 points for each answer.
  6. There will be no penalties for wrong answers.
  7. There will be five members on a team and up to five alternates.

Rules During the Game/Round

  1. Students may hold the buzzer.
  2. When the student buzzes in, the console judge must acknowledge the student and team.
  3. The answer must be given within 10 seconds by the student who buzzed in.
  4. If the answer is incorrect, the question will be repeated for the other team. They will have ten seconds to answer.
  5. If neither team buzzes in, the moderator will answer the question and proceed to the next question.
  6. If a contestant buzzes before the completion of a question, the moderator stops reading and, after being recognized, the contestant must answer immediately. If an incorrect answer is given, the moderator reads the entire question and the opposing team has an opportunity to answer the question within 10 seconds.
  7. Any concern about an answer to a question MUST be addressed by the student to the COACHES before the next question is asked. The moderator’s decision is final. The student will get the attention of the coach by raising his/her hand.
  8. Coaches stay with the team. Coaches will ask any questions to the moderator, not a team member, a parent or other visitor.

Please remember:

Team members are not allowed to confer with each other during the rounds.

  • Talking, cheering, or clapping during the competition is inappropriate. Each team in violation, including team members, coaches, and visitors, will receive one warning. If a second violation occurs, the opposing team will receive ten points for the question being asked or answered when the violation occurred.
  • Please turn off all electronic devices or set to silent.
  • No one may enter or leave the room during the round.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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