For question writers

As part of your commitment to writing questions that will be used in competition rounds for the Ruffin Reading Bowl competition, we ask that you take some time to review the guidelines and format for creating questions for your assigned books. After reviewing this information, you can view sample questions that have been written for each level, and download the question writing template you will use to create and submit your questions.

**Please download and use this template to create questions for the books you have been assigned. Only questions that have been submitted using this template will be accepted.

2 Responses to For question writers

  1. Deborah Taylor says:


    While teaching at Cobb County I coached our elementary school’s Reading Club. I was very impressed with HRRB, and would like to volunteer to help with HRRB in any way needed. Is there some way that I can support the bowl as an independent volunteer?

    Deb Taylor
    (678) 314-0392

    • hrrbadmin says:

      Hi Deb,
      Yes, I’m sure! Thank you for your support. I will forward your contact information to the Steering Committee. Stay tuned!

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