Honors World History Week of Nov. 26-30


Posted by reasonh | Posted in Honors World History | Posted on November 16, 2018

Monday Nov. 26

  1. review imperialism
  2. Turn in imperialism maps from Friday
  3. Guided Readings over imperialism- finish for homework
  4. nationalism reading and questions

Tuesday Nov. 27

  1. Go over the guided readings
  2. Quiz overt the isms
  3. Terms for WWI and map- due on Friday

Wednesday Nov. 28

1. notes over the long term causes of WWI

2. Guided Readings over beginning of the war

3. begin MAIN poster

Thursday Nov. 29

1. finish MAIN posters

2. notes over the war begins

3. new technology of the war

4. notes over the war begins

5. battles chart- finish for homework

Friday Nov. 30

1. check map and terms

2. go over battles

3. reasons why the U.S. entered WWI

4.  Lusitania article and video clip

5. WWI video and questions

6. review for WWI- test on Tuesday




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