Honors World History Week of Dec. 10-14


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Monday Dec. 10

  1. Check the Between the Wars terms and questions from Thurs.-Fri.
  2. Compare/contrast totalitarian leaders
  3. Mussolini video

Tuesday Dec. 11

  1. Intro. notes WWII
  2. map and terms WWII
  3. European battle chart

Wed. Dec. 12

1.  War in the Pacific

2. Pacific battle chart and map

3. Clip: Tora, Tora, Tora

Thurs. Dec. 13

1.End of war notes

2. Guided Readings for the End of the War and Holocaust

3. review sheet for WWII- Test on Monday

Friday Dec. 14

1. SGM- World History

2. Use of the A-Bombs and origins of the Cold War

3. WWII overview video



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