Honors World History Week of Dec. 17-21


Posted by reasonh | Posted in Honors World History | Posted on December 14, 2018

Monday Dec. 17

  1.  Take the SGM
  2.   Complete the notes from Friday over the end of the war
  3. Complete the Guided Readings for WWII


1. Study for the WWII Test

2. Study for the Final Exam

Tuesday Dec. 18

1. WWII Test

2. Cold War key terms and chart

Hmwk: Study for your final exam

Wed. Dec. 19

  1. Work on your review sheet
  2.  discuss Cold War terms

Hmwk: Study for the final exam

Thursday Dec. 20

1st and 2nd pd. Final Exams

Friday Dec. 2

3rd and 4th pd . Final Exams

Have a super break!  Thank you for a super semester!

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