AP Human Geography Week of Jan.7-Jan.11


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Monday Jan. 7

  1. Welcome to AP Human Geography!
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Complete Student Information Sheet
  4. Go over the Syllabus,Unit Outline,Parent Letter, and How to study
  5. Issue Mental Mapping Activity
  6. Read and analyze Four Traditions of Geography by Pattison


  1. Work on Introductory Vocabulary-quiz on Friday
  2. Parent Letter and sign syllabus
  3. Complete Mental Mapping Activity-due tomorrow!!
  4.  Read and analyze Four Traditions of Geography by Pattison

Tuesday Jan.8

  1. Maps that tell a story/Map Projections
  2. Look at your Mental Maps and turn in & discuss the basics of Cartography
  3. Notes Four Traditions into the 5 Themes of Geography
  4. Issue Scavenger Hunt Part 1
  5. Issue U.S. states and cities for Map Quiz


1. Introductory Vocab. prep-quiz on Friday

2. work on Scavenger Hunt

3. Prepare for the U.S. states and cities quiz- use http://lizardpoint.com/fun/geoquiz/usaquiz.htm

4. Read Hillbilly Elegy

Wed. Jan.8

  1. Notes over Scale(site vs. situation)
  2. Notes regions (U.S. and World)
  3. Issue Scavenger Hunt Part II


  1. Intro. Vocab.-quiz on Friday
  2. U.S. map quiz prepare for Thursday’s map quiz
  3. complete Scavenger Hunt
  4. Read Hillbilly Elegy

Thurs. Jan. 9

1. Turn in Scavenger Hunt(FCSC)

2. U.S. map quiz

3. notes over diffusion,distribution,and density


  1. Intro. vocab.-study for quiz
  2. Read Hillbilly Elegy
  3. Explore the Uses and GIS Assignment

Friday Jan. 10

  1. Turn in Uses of GIS Assignment
  2. Intro. Vocab. Quiz
  3. Introduction to the STATE game!!
  4. STATE lottery


  1. Read Hillbilly Elegy
  2. Mirror STATE research




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