World History Week of Jan. 7- Jan. 11


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Monday Jan. 7

  1. Welcome to World History!
  2. What is history and why study it?
  3. Complete information sheet
  4. Syllabus and class exectations
  5. Corners activity

World History syllabus:        World History Syllabus new categories-144wr0y


  1. Get the syllabus signed
  2. Get a notebook for the class

Tuesday Jan. 8

  1. Finish corners activity
  2. Personality Colors
  3. maps that explain the world
  4. Pretest
  5. Get packet for Ancient Civilizations Unit
  6. Maps that explain the World


  1. Get syllabus signed if you haven’t already
  2. Get a notebook and set up your dividers

Wednesday Jan. 9

  1. Finish maps that explain the world
  2.  Traits of a civilization
  3. Discuss SPRITE and how it is used to study history
  4. Complete SPRITE activity

Thursday Jan.10

  1. Discuss SPRITE activity
  2. What is culture?
  3. Video clip: What can we learn from skeletons?
  4. Measuring time in history
  5. complete: dates and timeline skills


Finish dates and timeline skills if you didn’t finish in class

Friday Jan. 11

  1. Notes over the first civilizations in Mesopotamia
  2. Label map of the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia
  3. video clip: Assyria
  4. video clip: over view of Mesopotamia


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