World History Week of March 18-22


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Monday March 18

  1. New packet for the Renaissance and Reformation
  2. Intro. to the Renaissance notes
  3. Video clip: Renaissance art
  4. Read Renaissance article and discussion questions
  5. Video clip: History of Ideas

No Homework

Tuesday March 19

1. Complete the Renaissance timeline- packet

2. video clip: printing press

3. artwork analysis

No homework

Wednesday March 20

  1. finish art work analysis and discuss
  2.  Renaissance artwork video clip overview
  3. List traits of a leader
  4. Read excerpt from the Prince and complete questions-packet

Homework: Finish the Prince questions

Thursday March 21

1. video clip over Machiavelli

2. Notes over the Protestant Reformation

3. video clip: Why Ireland split

4. label map of Europe during the Renaissance and Reformations


Finish Renaissance and Reformations map

Friday March 22

  1. Check Reformations map
  2. Crash Course video : Reformations
  3. Notes spread of the Reformations
  4. Read Henry VIII article and complete the questions-packet


Finish Henry VIII questions


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