World History Week of March 25-29


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Monday March 25

  1. Finish the Religions map from Friday
  2. notes over the spread of Protestantism
  3. complete the Protestant religions chart
  4. complete Henry VIII questions


  1. Finish the Henry VIII questions

Tuesday March 26

1.  Discuss the Henry VIII questions

2. Notes over the Scientific Revolution

3. Video- Scientific Revolution -Just the Facts

4. Study Guide for the test over the Renaissance & Reformations

R, R, and SR Study Guide (2014)-2h9m0uj


Work on the Study Guide it is worth +5

Wednesday March 27

1.Finish the video over the Scientific Revolution

2. Complete the scientists chart and discuss


Study Guide

Thursday March 28

1. Notes over the Counter Reformation

2. Compare and contrast the Protestant,English, and Catholic Reformations

3. Complete the Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide


Study Guide and prepare for the test

Friday March 29

  1. Test over the Reniassance and Reformation
  2.  terms exploration and map of explorers

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