World History Week of April 8-12


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Monday April 8

  1. New packet for exploration
  2. Notes over early African civilizations
  3. Mansa Musa article and video clip
  4. Label map of African kingdoms

Homework:  Finish the map over the African kingdoms

Tuesday April 9

1. Notes over Mesoamerican civilizations

2. Video clip : Where does chocolate come from?

3.  Label map of the Mesoamerican civilizations

4. Complete Mesoamerican chart (packet)


Finish the Mesoamerican chart

Wednesday April 10

1. Notes over commerce and trade

2. British influence video clip

3. Read impact of the age of exploration

4. Begin timeline project- exploration and discovery


Work on the timeline if needed

Thursday April 11

1. Work on and complete exploration and discovery timeline

2. Research explorers and complete explorer chart-lab

3. Explorer map

Homework : Work on study guide for test over Exploration-test on Monday

Friday April 12

1. Continue explorer research and complete explorer map

2. Check and go over explorer

3. Work on review for the test on Monday

Homework:  Study your notes and complete you Study Guide for the test over Exploration


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