World History Week of May 6-10


Posted by reasonh | Posted in World History | Posted on May 3, 2019

Monday May 6

  1. Finish Imperialism map and questions
  2. Notes over the causes of WWI
  3. Label map over WWI alliances
  4. terms for WWI


  1. Finish map and terms for WWI

Tuesday May 7

1. Check terms and map

2. WWI causes picture

3. Notes over WWI war begins


No homework

Wednesday May 8

1. Finish war begins notes

2. complete battle charts

3. Review sheet for WWI


Work on review sheet for WWI

Thursday May 9

  1. Discuss why the U.S. entered WWI
  2.  WWI video


Work on review sheet for WWI and study for WWI Test

Friday May 10

  1. Test over WWI
  2. terms for bet. the wars


  1. finish the between the wars terms

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