World History Week of May 13-17


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Monday May 13

  1. WWI Test
  2. complete the terms and questions for between the wars
  3. Study guide for the Final Exam
  4. Exam exemption forms are due today!


  1. Work on the between the wars terms

Tuesday May 14

1. Notes over the Between the Wars and the rise of the totalitarian leaders

2. finish the between the wars questions and terms


Work on the study guide

Wednesday May 15

  1. Video:Mussolini
  2. Guided Readings over the Beginning of the War in Europe and the Pacific battles


  1. Work on your Study Guide

Thursday May 16

1. Check and go over the Guided Readings and key battles

2. Video clip: Tora Tora Tora

3.  Notes Allied Victory


  1. work on Final Exam Study Guide

Friday May 17

  1. End of War Guided Reading
  2. Causes/effects of the Holocaust
  3. Origins of the Cold War


Work on the Study Guide for the Final Exam

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