World History Aug.1-9


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Thurs. Aug.1

  1. Welcome!!
  2. Intro. to World History
  3. Class Syllabus and Expectations
  4.  Info. Sheet
  5. Corners activity

World History Syllabus


Review the syllabus and have your parents sign your syllabus


Friday Aug. 2

1. Finish corners activity

2. get your Ancient civilizations packet

3. Notes over the traits of a civilization

4. Explain the SPRITE in history

5. HHS Sprite activity-partners


Get a folder/binder for World History and syllabus signed

Monday Aug. 5

  1. Finish and present SPRITE activity
  2.  What is culture? discussion
  3. Video clip: what can we learn from skeletons
  4. notes over measuring time and activity skills


Get a folder/binder for World History and syllabus signed

Tuesday Aug. 6

  1. Finish timeline skills if needed
  2. notes over where is and what is Mesopotamia
  3. Label map of the Fertile Crescent
  4.  Video: What we learned from Mesopotamia


Review your notes

Wed. Aug. 7

1. Finish video clip

2. notes Rise/fall of Assyria

3.  Analyze Babylonian Code of Laws and compare with modern codes of law-partners


Review your notes for the 1st quiz which will be on Friday

Thurs. Aug.8

  1. Finish Babylonian Code of Laws
  2. Notes over Egypt
  3. Egypt video and questions


1. Study your notes for  a quiz over the early civilizations and timeline skills

Friday Aug.9

  1. Early civilizations quiz
  2. Finish Egypt video
  3. Label map of the Indus River Valley and early Chinese civilizations


No homework!  Have a good weekend!



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