World History Week of Aug. 26-30


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Monday Aug. 26

  1. Work on the Athenian/Spartan body civilizations
  2.  Engineering an Empire (Greece)

Finish the body civilization if needed

Tuesday Aug. 27

  1. Causes/effects of the Persian War
  2. Discussion
  3. Notes over the Golden Age of Athens
  4. Causes/effects of the Peloponnesian War


Review your notes/packet for the Greece quiz which will be on Friday

Wednesday Aug. 28

*** Early Release Day***

  1. Read about the contributions of the Greek philosophers
  2. Read the Trial of Socrates

Study for the Greece Quiz which will be on Friday

Thursday Aug. 29

  1. Notes over Alexander the Great
  2. Illustrate the key achievements of the Hellenistic Age


Study packet for the Greece Quiz which will be on Friday

Friday Aug. 30

  1. Greece quiz
  2. Rome terms and map of Rome
  3. Rome terms (new book)

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