World History Week of Sept. 30-Oct.4


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Monday Sept. 30

  1. Welcome back!
  2.  Get your new packet for the European Middle Ages
  3. Notes over the European Middle Ages
  4. Read summary over Charlemagne and complete the crown
  5. finish the coat of arms from the Friday before break

Finish the coat of arms if you haven’t already

Tuesday Oct. 1

1. Watch 1st part of the Dark Ages and complete questions

2. notes over feudalism

No homework tonight!

Wednesday Oct. 2

Begin feudal manor project with partner

No homework

Thursday Oct. 3

Work on feudal manor


Finish your manor project if you didn’t finish it in class

Friday Oct. 4

  1. turn in feudal manor
  2. Make a mind map over the roles during the Middle Ages
  3. Notes over the power of the Church


Review your notes from the week

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