AP Human Geography Week of Nov. 11-15


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Monday Nov.11

  1.  Unit 5 Agriculture Vocab. Quiz
  2. Turn in Unit 5 Vocab. and examples
  3. Finish Von Thunen Model
  4. notes over Subsistence Farming and loss of farmland
  5. Read articles : Fair Trade and California Farming


Complete the Field Study and prepare for food day

Field Study for Agriculture

Tuesday Nov. 12

  1.  Turn in Field Study
  2. Food Day
  3. Discuss Fair Trade
  4. Analysis of Von Thunen Models


Study for Unit 5 Agriculture MCQ Test

APHG Unit 5 Articulation and Vocab (2)

Wednesday Nov.13

  1. Unit 5 MCQ
  2. Von Thunen analysis continued if needed


No Homework

Thursday Nov. 14

  1. Unit 6 Industrialization and Development
  2. Intro. notes Development Part I
  3. Economic Sector comparison


Work on Unit 6 vocab. and examples

Friday Nov. 15

  1. Development questions and Inequalities
  2. Discuss
  3. Notes over trade and comparative advantage

Work on Unit 6 Vocab. and examples

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