AP Human Geography Week of Nov. 18-22


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Monday Nov. 18

  1. Discuss Von Thunen and Weber comparison
  2. Notes Industry Part II
  3. Video clip: Outsourcing


  1. Read Just In Time article and questions
  2. Read Ga’s Agriculture and questions
  3. Work on Unit 6 Vocab.- due on Thurs.

Tuesday Nov. 19

  1. Discuss Just in Time
  2. Notes over develop measures
  3. Questions book overview and examples

Work on Unit 6 Vocab.-due on Thurs.

Wed. Nov. 20

1. Finish book questions over development if needed

2. Notes over Free Trade and economic zones

3. research country’s development measures

Work on Unit 6 Vocab.-due on Thurs.

Thurs. Nov.21

Country research and development measures


Study for the Unit 6 Test Industry and Development

Friday Nov. 22

Test over Unit 6 MCQ’s and FRQ Industry and Development


NO HOMEWORK!!! Have a super break!




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