World History Week of Feb. 10-14


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Monday Feb. 10

  1. Notes over the rise of Christianity and Fall of Rome
  2. Work on Study Guide for the test tomorrow over Greece and Rome

Greece & Rome Study Guide (2014)

If you complete your study guide, it will be worth +5 on your Greece/Rome Test

Tuesday Feb. 11

1. Test over Greece and Rome

2.  work on Byzantine map

New Empires Emerge Map Assignment


No homework!

Wednesday Feb. 12

1. New Empires emerge packet

2. clips over Byzantine culture & Hagia Sophia

3. Read article over the Nika Rebellion


1. Finish your Byzantine map

Thursday Feb. 13

  1. Check Byzantine map
  2.  video clip over the Nika Rebellion
  3. notes over early Russia
  4. complete questions over the barbarians


NO Homework

Friday Sept. 14

  1. Notes Rise of Islam
  2. video clip the origins and spread of religions
  3. read article the passport to the World’s Religions
  4. begin religions chart ( we will work on it again on Monday)
  5. Study Guide for test over Byzantine,Russia, and Islam test will be on the Tuesday when we return

New Empires Emerge Review Guide for Quest (2012)


Work on your Study Guide for a short test over Byzantine,Russia, and Islam it will be worth +5 if you complete it in your own handwriting.

Have a fun and safe break!!


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