AP Human Geography for Thursday March 26


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Happy Friday Eve!

AP Human Geography for Thursday March 26


1.Watch the video clip over Rostow’s Theory of Development… you might want to take notes over the video especially write down Rostow’s 5 stages of development and characteristics of each.

2. Read the article over Rostow’s Theory of Development and answer the questions on a piece of notebook paper

Rostow’s Stages of Development Article

  1. Why do you think geographers want to categorize places using scales of development?
  2. What does Rostow assume?
  3. What are Rostow’s 5 stages of development?
  4. According Rostow, which country is the highest stage?
  5. When did Rostow develop his theory and why is this theory considered to be political?
  6. Why is Singapore a good example of a country that has experienced growth?
  7. Where does 100% of Singapore’s population live?
  8. Name one of the criticisms of Rostow’s theory.
  9. Why do you think Singapore has high income disparities?
  10. How did site and situation influence Singapore’s development?

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