World History for Monday March 30


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Happy Monday!  I hope you had a good weekend!

World History for Monday March 30


1.Click on the forms link and answer the questions over the Renaissance,Reformation,and Scientific Reformation.  Make sure you put your name in the space provided. Once you answer the questions and hit submit, your answers will disappear and will be sent to me 🙂


2.  We are moving on to our new unit- which is the early civilizations of Africa,the Americas, and Asia. Print out the new guided notes for the unit or if you don’t have a printer… you can copy down the notes.

3. Read and complete the notes up to slide 12 Coastal Trading.  We will complete the rest throughout the week.

Africa (2014)NEW

Africa MesoAmerica & Exploration SN NEW– new guided notes packet


Have a super day!

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