AP Human Geography for Monday March 30


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Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Make sure that you have read the updates and start  watching the study reviews from the College Board.  Also, try to log into the College Board site and go to My AP for new updates about the  AP exam.


Monday March 30


1.Watch the video clip over Development Issue 2  Why does Development Differ Based on Gender and answer the questions that go along with the video clip.  These questions will serve as your notes.

Gender and Development Questions from the video clip above

A. What is GII?

B.What does a high GII number mean?

C. Why is there a higher % of women employed in sub-Saharan Africa? What sector do you think most of these women are working in?  Hint: Remember last unit

D. Look at the map show Adolescent Fertility Rates, which 2 regions have the highest adolescent fertility rates?

E.  To conclude, make a correlation between  the education rates and empowerment of women?  Use a specific region to make your point.

2. Read the article over Standard of Living and answer the questions

Standard of Living Article


A. Which country has the highest GDP and which has the lowest?

B. Which country has the highest HDI and which has the lowest?

C. Do you agree with how HDI is measured?  What would you include or exclude in the measurement process?  Does anything surprise you with the measurement process?

3. Be finishing your Unit 6 vocab. and examples… if you have them completed go ahead email them to me.  If you have note cards, just take a couple of pictures of the note cards and send them to me.


Have a great day!



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