AP Human Geography for Wed. April 1


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Happy April!

AP Human Geography for Wed. April 1

Today, we are going to wrap up the Economic Unit ( Industry and Development) and then move on to our last unit over Cities and Urbanization ( Urban Geography).  After our last unit, we will be reviewing for the AP Exam!


  1. Watch the  video clip over  Starbucks Global Supply Chain and on piece of notebook paper. Define global supply and describe the steps or draw a diagram of how Starbucks is an example of a global supply chain.  Think about agriculture,culture, labor force,transportation,etc… remember it’s all connected!

Global Supply Chain Video Link

2. Watch the video clip over globalization and answer the following questions.  Hold onto your questions/answers they will serve as your notes.

Globalization video link

A. What is globalization?

B.  Describe one positive and one negative of globalization.

C. How does globalization impact the MDC’s and the LDC’s?

D. How does globalization impact culture?

3. Here is the Last Unit’s articulation and terms!!  Go ahead and start working on your last set of vocabulary and examples!!!  If you haven’t sent me your Unit 6 vocab.  ,go ahead and email me it to me!

APHG Unit 7 Articulation and Vocab


Have a great day!



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