AP Human Geography for Friday April 1


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Happy Friday!

AP Human Geography for Friday April 1


1.Read and take notes over cities around the World


Cities around the world (guided notes)

2. Watch the video clip over the World’s largest cities- Megacities

The World’s Largest Cities

3. Watch the video over Top 10 Largest Cities and list the Top 10 cities and answer the questions that follow.

Top 10 Largest Cities

A.  Did anything surprise  you about the list of Top 10 cities?

B.  Make a statement about density and population within these populations.

C. Do you think most of  these cities are in the same stage of the Demographic Transition Model?

D.Do you think the bid-rent theory applies to these cities?

4. Send me your Unit 6 vocab. if you haven’t already and complete the HDI activity.  Great job to those of you who have completed it 🙂

5. Work on your Unit 7 Urban Geography Vocab. and examples — last set!!

APHG Unit 7 Articulation and Vocab

Have a good Spring Break!

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