Welcome back!


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Welcome back to school, buccaneers! I am so excited to see all of you on Monday at Meet and Greet and to meet our new kindergarteners! Please stop by our offices and take a selfie at our Selfie Station! You can share it with us by tagging @MBEScounselors. Throughout the school year we will be tweeting about what we’re teaching during our counseling lessons as well as parent resources. You can follow us at MBEScounselors on Twitter.
We have an intern, Annie Peskin, who will be with us for the whole year. This year I will be the counselor for Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 4th grade. If you have any questions or issues you can contact me at (770)578-7248 or mary.rees@cobbk12.org
See you soon!

Foundation Patron Drive – Have You Participated?


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October is the month of our annual Foundation’s Patron Drive! Your donations ensure that our Buccaneers have opportunities to ENRICH. EMPOWER. EXCEL above and beyond funding from the District.

If you have already made a donation, THANK YOU! We are almost half way through the month and every donation makes a difference!

Visit the Foundation website to make your donation today:


Please remember to check if your company offers Corporate Matching
by clicking here!


Welcome back!


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Welcome back buccaneers! We’ve been getting the school ready and can’t wait to see all of your happy faces on Thursday morning at Meet and Greet! I hope you all had a relaxing and fun summer. 2017-2018 is sure to be the best school year ever! This year I will be the counselor for Kindergarten, Third and, Fifth grades. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call (770-578-7251) or email me at mary.rees@cobbk12.org.

Summer Learning Opportunities


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This summer, we hope you explore, relax, and enjoy time off from school. We also encourage you to take advantage of some wonderful summer learning opportunities.

SUMMER LINK is a repository of Math and English Language Arts resources curated by the Cobb County School District’s Academic Division. Summer Link’s Math and Literacy resources are grade-specific, and you can take advantage of resources for your grade level, you can back up and remediate learning, or zoom grade levels ahead for a challenge!

COBB SUMMER READING is a program sponsored by Cobb County Public Libraries in conjunction with the Cobb County School District’s Library Media Education Department. We will partner with Scholastic and participate in the SCHOLASTIC SUMMER READING CHALLENGE!

GET GEORGIA READING is a partnership between the Georgia Department of Education and many other agencies to provide resources for reading and learning over the summer.

If you would like to share any images of your student participating in summer reading/learning, you are welcome to send them to mt.bethel.buccaneers@gmail.com or to post on social media with #SchoolsOutGA .

Have a wonderful summer!



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Our Mt. Bethel Foundation impacts every child every day at Mt. Bethel – providing opportunities for students to ENRICH.EMPOWER.EXCEL. Did you know that the funding for additional instructors improves our students’ experience in Art, Music, and PE as well as in the Foundation-Sponsored Science Lab and Computer Labs? Adding Science and Technology into the Specials rotation means that class sizes are smaller in Music, Art, and PE.

SCIENCE LABOur Science Instructors, Janna Atkins and Jennifer Riser provide hands-on, minds-on science experiments and experiences with students. A recent visit to the Science Lab found fifth graders engaged in a STEM activity where they were engineering and field-testing catapults! It is not uncommon for students to roll up their sleeves in the lab as they make fossils, create precipitation, or engage in some kind of cool experiment!

How is this double-dip of science curriculum helping our students? Mt. Bethel’s Iowa Test scores for both third and fifth grades last year were the highest in Cobb County School District. Our third graders scored in the 84th percentile with a grade equivalency of 4th graders in the 8th month of school and our fifth graders scored in the 85th percentile with grade equivalency 8th graders in the 2nd month of school.

CHECK THE SCIENCE LAB BLOG to find out what your child is learning in Science! You will also find Science Lab Challenges!

technology lab instructor Our Technology Instructor, Gloria Frey, integrates curriculum standards alongside technology standards and skills in a comprehensive Kindergarten through Fifth Grade framework. Students learn how to use a variety of production software applications, research skills, and keyboarding skills in 2nd – 5th grades.

How is this technology instruction helping our students? Our students are learning technology skills that will benefit them throughout their entire educational career! In addition, one of the ways our school earns points on the CCRPI (College and Career Readiness Performance Index) is for students to engage in college and career lessons. Mrs. Frey provides this instruction for all of our fifth graders – impacting our kids and our CCRPI scores positively!

CHECK MRS. FREY’S BLOG to read more about what is happening in the Technology Specials Lab!

Our Technology Coordinator, Carolyn Cooper, is responsible for maximizing instructional time by ensuring that our technology is working. She troubleshoots issues, maintains our iPads to ensuretech coordinator that they can be used as an instructional tool, and effectively manages all of our databases so students can access a wide variety of educational software.

How does having a Technology Coordinator help our students? We have an on-site person who can immediately help students or staff if they need help with any technology issues. This allows teachers and students to continue what is most important – teaching and learning as opposed to using time to deal with technical issues. This truly allows us to maximize instructional time! Mt. Bethel is one of the only schools that has this kind of position!

CHECK THE TECHNOLOGY TIDBITS BLOG to find helpful information regarding software subscriptions and helpful technology advice.

Would you like to know more about each of our Foundation Instructors? CLICK HERE for more information.

Thank you for supporting our Foundation during the Patron Drive. Your donation helps our Foundation impact every student, every day – allowing our Buccaneers to ENRICH. EMPOWER. EXCEL. There is strength in numbers!




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BOOKThis year, our Foundation has provided Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study to every teacher along with in-depth professional learning for our reading teachers. Our Foundation brought master professional development trainers from Columbia University and the Readers and Writers Project to Mt. Bethel this summer to work with our teachers for an entire week! It was an amazing week of learning and growth for all who attended.

unitsWhat are Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study in Reading? The Units of Study that have been written by some of the greatest reading researchers and teachers in the country. The Units are designed to teach very explicit skills so that our students become highly proficient readers who think deeply about their reading.

What does it mean for readers to think deeply about reading? Thinking deeply means to reading thinkinggo beyond the text to analyze, infer, and synthesize new information. The reading and writing workshop model ensures that students receive explicit whole group, small group and individual teacher/monitored reading instruction. Mini-lessons are used to introduce students to specific reading strategies. Small group instruction is provided to afford extra reinforcement as students learn to apply reading strategies while reading independently. Teachers frequently confer with students as they read books with a focus on specific reading strategies. Teachers help students set reading goals and practice specific strategies so that they will become stronger readers.

future leadersHow does this impact my child? What are the long-term implications? The ability to read, think, and comprehend at deep levels is the greatest gift we can give to our students – it is a gift that will affect their education through their entire school career and beyond. Growing a community of readers will surely impact our students – our future leaders! Our Mt. Bethel Foundation ensures that our students receive the best education possible – with multiple opportunities to ENRICH.EMPOWER.EXCEL.

Would this be possible without The Foundation’s Support? NO. We would not have the ability to provide the Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study in Reading, the training from Columbia University, or the additional materials necessary for our teachers to fully implement the Readers’ Workshop model without the the Mt. Bethel Elementary School Foundation.

Your donation to the Foundation’s Patron Drive ensures continued support of opportunities for our teachers to engage in professional learning that impacts their ability to provide rigorous and relevant instruction to our students every day. Thank you for your support. There is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

Need more information about Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study and Columbia University’s Reading & Writing Project? Click HERE.

Need more information about our Foundation? Click HERE.



Counselor’s Corner


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We have been busy in the 1st, 3rd and 5th grades in counseling!

In my 1st grade classes I introduced myself to all our new students and reminded our “old” students about what a counselor does. We reviewed the Counselor Pass process which can be used when students have problems at school, on the bus, at home, or something else. They simply fill out a pass and place it in my mailbox located right outside my office door. Then, when I have time I will come to their classroom and take them to my office to talk and come up with ideas to solve their problem. This process was also reviewed in my 3rd and 5th grade classes. In August I read Elmer by David McKee. It is a charming book about fitting in, belonging, and self-acceptance.

In 3rd grade I taught the students the Decision Making Model. The four steps are: Decision to Make, Brainstorm your Choices, Consider the Consequences, and Choose the Best Choice. Hopefully, they will stop and think of all the options and possible ramifications before they make important decisions!

In 5th grade I introduced the acronym L.O.G. which stands for listening, organization, and goal setting. We played a fun, fast-paced game to reinforce the importance of listening in school, at home, in sports, and in future employment. Our next lessons will cover goal setting and organization.

Vote and PTA meeting with speaker Jeff Dess


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The week of November 3rd is very busy!


Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day. THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON TUESDAY, 11/4! This election is important as we will be electing officials (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and State School Superintendent) that will impact public school education for the next four years. Please exercise your right to vote and head to the polls on Tuesday. Take your child(ren), too, so they can watch you in action! Do you need more information before heading to the polls? Please visit the PTA’s Legislative News portion of the blog by clicking HERE.

We are participating in the VOTER STICKER CHALLENGE and will collect stickers on Wednesday, 11/5. If our school has the highest percentage of voter participation, the ENTIRE SCHOOL will receive EXTRA RECESS! Want more info? Download the file here: VOTING STICKER CHALLENGE

dess copy

On Thursday, November 6th, our PTA will hold a general meeting with Budget Amendments and Nominating Committee Elections on the agenda beginning at 6:30 pm. Following the meeting, Prevention Intervention Specialist, Jeff Dess, will speak on the topic of Child Safety in a Digital World. Jeff is an author, renowned speaker, and has decades of experience keeping kids safe. You will not want to miss this opportunity to learn about parenting digital learners. Childcare will be provided for students enrolled at Mt. Bethel. Click HERE to reserve childcare (provided by our ASP workers). Jeff is a speaker that is enlightening, informative, and will truly help you to keep your child safe. We hope to see you on Thursday night!

Thank you for your constant support of your child, for engaging in our community, and for all that you do!


MBSEF Incentives! ENRICH. EMPOWER. EXCEL. And win stuff!


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FOUNDATION BANNER2This is the FINAL WEEK of the MBESF Patron Drive! We can’t provide the level of ENRICHMENT, EMPOWERMENT, AND EXCELLENCE at our school without your support and financial contributions. We have SEVERAL incentives for students whose families are able to donate the requested amount per child!

Incentives include:

  • Principal of the Day drawing – one per grade level! What would you do if you were Principal of the Day? Check Ms. Appleyard’s blog post for a list of some potential tasks in the day as a principal!
  • Popsicle Party with the Principal for classrooms over 90% Participation!
  • Two classes will win a parking spot for their teacher!
  • One class will Name the Mt. Bethel Street!
  • Fabulous Foundation Magnet

Your contribution makes a tremendous difference. It affords our students opportunities above and beyond what CCSD can provide. Our Foundation provides teacher professional learning, allows student learning to extend beyond the bells of the school day, and funds personnel to help our students excel in science and technology. We feel the impact in every single classroom at our school!

Thank you for your support!

MBSEF Extends Learning Beyond the Bells


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http://www.cobblearning.net/appleyard/files/2014/10/THX-MBESF-193g4n9.png”>THX MBESFDid you know that The Mt. Bethel Elementary School Foundation provides multiple experiences and supports that extend learning and enrichment for all Mt. Bethel students beyond the school day? These opportunities are a critical piece in the Foundation’s vision to ENRICH. EMPOWER. EXCEL.

Our Foundation provides access to curriculum-based computer programs, after school clubs, opportunities to participate in events like the Science Fair, and support for our Science Olympiad Team!

For more information, please visit Ms. Appleyard’s blog at http://www.cobblearning.net/appleyard/2014/10/19/mbesf-enrichment-beyond-the-bells/ or the Foundation Website!

Check out the Science Fair:

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