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Relay for Life Event

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4793

Your DMS Relay Team was the top-earning team in Cobb County, home of the seventh-largest Relay event in the world.


The big Relay for Life event was held Saturday, May 2 from about 4:00 pm until midnight at Jim R. Miller Park… and your Dickerson Relay team was there.

We weren’t there to celebrate our team’s being the top earning team in Cobb County with donations totaling $18,800, although that was part of the reason we were there.

We were there to celebrate the victories in the fight against cancer… the survivors, their caregivers, and the medical advances that made those survivals possible. We were also there to remember those who lost their struggle with cancer, people who no longer were here in person but who most definitely lived on in the loving memories of their friends and families.

And we were there to have fun… to play games (Trivia Crack!), eat barbecue and funnel cakes and goodness knows what else. To just walk around the track with our fellow Cobb Countians (is that a word?) and enjoy a warm, sunny spring day.

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4819

The Survivors’ Parade.


Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4821

For me, the most meaningful parts of the event were the Survivors’ Parade in the afternoon (photos above) and the Luminaria Parade after dark. The first is joyful; the second, bittersweet.

Picture it: hundreds of people – survivors, caregivers, friends, family, anyone whose lives have been touched by this most terrible disease – walking silently around the luminaria-lined track, faces lit by the soft glow of candles, bagpipes playing a mournful elegy as we make our way along. It brings a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye.

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4846

Faces lit by the glow of candles.


Softly glowing luminaria lined the track.

Softly glowing luminaria lined the track.

If you weren’t there this year, make plans to attend next year… and thank you for your wonderful support! (More photos below.)


Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4823

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4814_5_6_tonemapped-2

Hundreds of survivors’ balloons fly skyward, each one celebrating a life.

Relay 2015 0502 -5

Everyone had fun trying to beat the Princeton graduate at Trivia Crack… and almost everyone succeeded!

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4833

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4852

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4804

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4802

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4792

Relay 2015 0502 -3

Relay 2015 0502 -6

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4803

Nikon D7100 2015 0502 4812Relay 2015 0502 1 and 2

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Relay News!

On a cold and blustery morning, our intrepid photographer climbed an 18 foot ladder to photograph the students who had purchased the opportunity to be photographed as part of a human cancer awareness ribbon. Ninety donations were made! Not everyone was able to make it on time for the photo, but considering this was the first year for the project, the Relay Club was pleased with the turn-out and support

NEXT UP! Monday, November 10, purchase a leaf for the Thanksgiving Tree. Twenty-five cents will put your leaf of thanksgiving on the tree. Forms are available through your homeroom teacher each day until November 20.

Thanksgiving Tree

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Dickerson Human Awareness Ribbon

Click on the link to view the information for our next BIG FUNDRAISER.

Awareness Ribbon Photo

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Pink Out

On Friday, October 24, spirit day will be a Pink Out! Wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. A donation of $1.00 entitles you to wear pink anything as long as it is within the dress code. Hats are OK! Students determined to be wearing the most pink will be treated to ice cream!

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