Study Guides and Resources

Blocks 3 and 4:  Unit 6 Study Guide-25kxahk 

Unit 6 Study Guide with answers-u9qq53

Blocks 3 and 4:  2 part study guide  AREA Study Guide Unit 5-22hdish

Study Guide _Volume_and_Surface_Area-s3o2kv

Area study guide with answers-1vie1zu

Study-Guide-_Volume_and_Surface_Area with answers-1106oon

Blocks 1 and 2: Study Guide for Expressions Test STUDY GUIDE for Expressions Test-vf0zaa

Blocks 3 and 4:  Study Guide for Inequalities Test (11/29)Inequalities Study Guide-25mw81s

Answer Key for Inequalities study guide- Inequalities Study Guide Answer Key-2dh1y2z


Blocks 1 and 2:  Study guide for Algebraic Expressions quiz 11/13  Study Guide for Algebraic Expressions Quiz-20awpdt

Blocks 3 and 4:  Quizizz code to study for quiz on Wednesday 11/14  




Blocks 3 and 4:  Study guide for equations test 11/9; Study Guide for Equations Test-294xcwa;  Use the check step to check your solutions; Make sure you are showing inverse operations on both sides to keep the equation balanced.   Answers here:  Answers to Study Guide for Equations Test-2idy3w9



Blocks 1 and 2:  Study guide for percents and measurements test  Study Guide for Unit 2 Percent Measurement-284v0ct


Blocks 3 and 4:

Study Guide for Algebraic Expressions Quiz  study guide for Algebraic Expressions quiz-2f225qs

Study Guide for Unit 3 Test  Study Guide for Unit 3 Revised without multiple choice-2ib9poo

Study Guide for Unit 3 with answers-28iqpjf





Blocks 1 and 2:  Study guide for Percent Quiz Study Guide for Percent Quiz-2955dit

Blocks 3 and 4:  Study guide for Exponents and Numerical Expressions Quiz  Exponents Study Guide-1r5i7zk




Study Guide Unit 2-2n9y9cq


Study Guide for Percent Quiz-2955dit



    game for ratios, unit rate, ratio tables

Study guide for ratios and rates quiz-16dxzoo

Study guide for ratios and rates quiz- with answers-2jy4xu3 check your answers with this copy


Study Guide Unit 1-1o51ehk    – This is the study guide for the Unit 1 Assessment

Scan the qr code for answers to the Unit 1 Study Guide


Study Guide for GCF LCM and Fraction Division-13wj8yr   – This is the study guide for the fraction division quiz

Quizziz Codes for GCF, LCM and Fraction Division-27ervwg

Play the kahoot above as homework for fraction division modeling.


 Expires August 10th

Study Guide for decimal quiz-uv7cx4

 Expires August 17th Decimal Division


 Expires August 17th Long Division


Study Guide for Division Quiz-pjco72