Rise of the Nazi Party

Today we talked about the conditions in post- WWI Germany that allowed Hitler and the National Socialists seize power in Germany.  We will continue this on Monday after the break.

Homework: Yes, homework over the break…..but easy homework.  Access the Cobb Digital Library and watch the Brain pop videos on WWII and the Cold War.  (There are others you may be interested in, like Anne Frank and others but the two I mentioned should be watched prior to your return)

Have a Great break….

Great Depression

Today we talked about the Great Depression and its causes and impacts.  We also collected warm ups 41-60.

Homework: Finish SSNB page 48 using the sheet posted on the SST.  If you are finished, you have no homework.

Russian Revolution

Today we read and watched video clips about Russia’s revolution in 1917.  We started notes on the events involved but did not quite finish them.  Students should click on the Student Support Tab (above) (SST) to finish up those notes for homework.  Period 7 received this assignment yesterday as we had no period 7 today due to the Performing arts program.

Homework: Warm-ups 41-60 due tomorrow.

Life in the Trenches

Today we discussed WWI in order to understand its impact on the people of Europe.  We also reviewed both our WWI vocab quiz and our essays.

Homework: Warm ups 41-60 are due Thursday?  Have you returned your Performing arts form?

Hawktime Again!

Today we took a quiz over the WWI primary documents we analyzed this week.  We also gave out a vocabulary sheet for our next couple of standards.  Any students who needed extended time got that today to finish up their essay.   Students who want to be ahead of the rest can read SS TEXT pages 160-165.

WWI Causes Quiz Tomorrow

Today we used all our materials to write an answer to the question What was the underlying cause of WWI?  Some kids will be given additional time to finish tomorrow after the quiz.  

Homework: Study for a Causes of WWI quiz tomorrow.  Focus on SSNB page 42 and the document packet to prepare.

Essay Writing Tomorrow

Today we spent preparing to answer the Question: What was the underlying cause of WWI?  We reviewed what makes a good thesis and identified which documents we would use to support which answer we will use in the essay (Imperialism, Alliances or Militarism)  Tomorrow we will write our essays in class.

Homework: Review vocabulary for Friday’s quiz.  Finish pre-writing sheet for the essay tomorrow or any other preparation you will need to be ready to write your essay in class tomorrow.  You will be able to use all notes and documents to help write your essay.  If you need help in reviewing the document questions, check the SST.

No School Tuesday

Today we finished up analyzing primary source documents about what caused WWI.  We also finished up our vocabulary crossword.  We will have a quiz on those terms(all of which you can find in the documents/background essay) on Friday.

Homework: Decide on a thesis for your answer to the question: What was the Underlying cause of WWI?

No school Tomorrow…enjoy your day off….

This week in Social Studies

On Monday we will finish up looking at primary source documents as we prepare to answer the question What was the underlying cause of WWI?  We will take a break Tuesday as students are off and teachers attend training. 

On Wednesday we will do some pre-writing for an essay we will write in class on Thursday

On Friday we will allow time for both a short quiz and for anyone who needs extended time to write to finish up their essays.  The quiz will be on the documents we analyzed and the crossword of vocabulary that accompanied them.

We will have Hawktime this Friday again! (To make up for a missed one the week before last) 🙂

Quite a few students never made up their notebook check……are you one of them?