Thanks for a Great Year

Thanks for the end of year gifts and cards.  

As I have mentioned many times this year, this group of 6th graders has a uniquely compassionate and caring nature.  They were willing to help others and showed excellent character.  I was happy to get to know them.

Have a great summer and Good Luck in 7th grade.

For more than a week I have encouraged those who have zeroes to submit the work for partial credit.  Good Job to those of you who followed through….

Early Release Days

Today and tomorrow are early release days and kids go home at 1:30.  We discussed budgets and posted some more Altered States contest entries….

Thanks to second period who spent part of class in a fire line….

Last chance for partial credit on any zeroes you have is tomorrow…..

Awards Day/ SLO Testing……Got Zeros?

Today we celebrated the achievements of students who maintained a high standard of performance all year long.  We also took the Student Learning Objective Test to measure our progress.  Tomorrow we will continue looking at personal finance.

Homework:  Take home any non-necessary books, clothes and other items from your locker.  Nothing should come to school with you on May 23 and you will not be allowed to carry items onto a bus that day.


If you have a zero for an assignment and want to get partial credit for it, Wednesday is the last day to hand it in…….

Olympics Day

Today we had 6th grade Olympics.  Kids had a great time in the events of all types even though it was held indoors.  Many students got to showcase dancing and vocal talents also.

Homework: Look over SSNB pages 60-80 to review for SLO testing on Monday.  Family Expense work sheets (to be completed with a parent) are due tomorrow.  Pink THQ recovery sheets due tomorrow.

Olympics tomorrow

Olympics HAS NOT been cancelled….wear your shirt and a smile tomorrow.  Sunscreen will not be needed.

Today we reviewed/scored our Gov’t Econ Quizzes.  Most scores were great.  Next, we gave out our final crossword of the year on Personal Finance.

Homework: (Not due until Friday)  Complete the Family Expense sheet with your parent.  Look over pages 40-60 in your SSNB to prepare for Monday’s SLO Social Studies Test.    Pink sheets are due Friday.


Latin America Wraps Up

Today we finished up the Latin America Unit with a quiz on Government and Economics.  We also watched a short video introducing our next unit, Personal Finance.

Homework: Review SSNB pages 1-20 to prepare for the SLO test in 6th grade SS on Monday.  

This Week in Social Studies

Our last full week of school will be a busy one.  

Monday we will check our THQ and review for our Govt/Econ review Quiz on Tuesday.  We will have Hawktime on Monday and we will start off Olympic week in the 6th Grade Academic Bowl.                                                                                           Tuesday we will take a quiz on Gov’t and Economic standards and look begin our look at Personal finance on Wednesday.

Thursday we will have the 6th Grade Olympic Day.  Wear your country T-Shirts.  Hats will be allowed on this day.  Sunscreen is recommended.

Friday we will review a budget survey that students will get on Wednesday and complete with their parents.  Next, we will look at personal finance and review for the 6th grade Student Learning Objectives test we will have on Monday May 21st.

What’s a THQ? (It is due Monday)

Today we checked our Latin America Government review sheet (SSNB p. 116)  Next, we gave out a Take Home Quiz.  This is a chance to earn an easy grade while reviewing for the Gov’t and Econ review quiz we will have Tuesday.  Some kids needed one more grade to help move them to the next level.  Read the questions carefully and answer the questions completely.  Use your SSNB, warm ups and your text to help you confirm your answers.  You should NOT collaborate with others.

Homework: THQ is due Monday….confirm your answers. (See above)   Gov’t and Econ Quiz Tuesday.  

6th Grade Olympics Day is Thursday May 17 (This is when you will get your yearbooks too!)