Australian Economics

Today we looked at Australian economics and became nomads hunting down facts.  We also gave out the study guide for the Australia test a week from Wednesday. (All About Australia crossword)

Homework: use you SSNB to complete the crossword.  Watch out for 8 down, it’s tricky!  Have a good break.

If have been out sick….use the Student Support tab to get caught up!

Government Summarizer

Today we teamed up to answer questions about Australia’s government and some review material on Government.  Some classes did well, others did not have the support of their notebooks and struggled a bit.  We will grant some more time tomorrow.

Australia’s Gov’t

Today we tried to covert a summary of Australia’s government structure into an organizational chart showing the branches.  It took a while, but we completed it.  We collected warm ups today as well.


What does Dreamtime mean to you?

Today we made Aboriginal posters showing key elements of Dreamtime.  Once finished, they checked their answers on SSNB page 78.  Select students also shared their research about the Stolen Generations and Sorry Day.

Homework: Warm ups 81 -100 are due tomorrow.



Today we looked at the belief system of the Aborigine.  We will make posters about it tomorrow.

Homework: Brainstorm which aspect of Dreamtime you will show/explain on your poster. Use the ppt on the SST for ideas.

Colonizing Australia

Today we watched a video overview of Australia and completed an organizer that became SSNB page 74.  We will continue to look at the Impact of the British on Australia tomorrow.

Homework: Check to make sure you have all of SSNB page 73 complete.  There is a copy of it on the SST if you need to check it.


1780s British floating prisons were called “Hulks”

Today we took a short quiz over Australia’s key physical features from our standards.  Next we allowed time for kids to get caught up on the work we did yesterday on population distribution and trade.

Australia’s Climate, Location and Resources

Ayers Rock Under a Blue Sky Uluru National Park, Australia

Today we cycled through stations to learn about the factors that impact population distribution and trade in Australia.   We will finish this up tomorrow.  We also took a practice quiz to get ready for tomorrow’s map quiz.

Homework: We will have a quiz tomorrow on the physical features of Australia.  Use your map to prepare.

Map Quiz on Wednesday

Today we used our physical feature maps to answer questions on our Australia Land Crosswords.  We also gave out honors to our top Entrepreneurs

Physical map quiz on Wednesday.  This will cover the landforms and waterways only.  Not the political map.