Econ Quiz Tomorrow

Look over pages 61-69 in your SSNB to get ready for the quiz tomorrow.  Many of the questions will be very similar to the practice quiz we took in class today.

Homework: Use all of the items on the SST (Student Support Tab) above to help you out.

Economics Quiz Thursday

Today we reviewed SSNB page 69 and checked our citations from the text to see that they matched our responses to the questions.  Students pointed out their citations to their classmates.  Next we made sure the most problematic terms (19 across- ITEMS, 13 down- PARTNERSHIP and 27 across CORPORATION) were completed on our crosswords.  All the other terms should be easy to fill in now that we have explored them all in class.

Homework: Review for Thursday’s quiz.

Comparing Economies of Europe/2 Hour delay tomorrow

Today we reviewed the answers to our European Union Q&A.  Next, we started a Fact Hunt about the Economies of Germany, the UK and Russia.

Homework: Finish SSNB 69 (Fact Hunt) if you did not finish in class.  Please check this blog tomorrow if school is cancelled instead of delayed tomorrow.

Economics Quiz Thursday!

This week in Social Studies

Monday: We will review our answers to SSNB page 67 on the EU.  We will start Comparing European Economies.

Tuesday: We will check our answers to the Fact Hunt about Germany, Russia and the UK and their economic systems. We will also review the crossword to make sure everyone has it.

Wednesday: We will take a practice quiz and look at the answers to improve our test taking skills as the questions get more rigorous.

Thursday: We will take the Economics Unit quiz.  We will also introduce the Entrepreneur Experience performance Task.

Friday: Entrepreneur Experience Phase I

European Union

Today we reviewed the second Econ pyramid to make sure everyone understood it.  Next we broke into teams and noted facts about the European Union and then shared them by posting them for the class.  If you missed any, check the SST to get caught up.

Economic Pyramids

Today we corrected our quizzes from yesterday marking the correct answers as we moved through the questions.  Next, we continued to review economic concepts on our Econ pyramids.  (SSNB page 62)

Homework: Finish SSNB page 62, read text pages 51-54.


Literacy Rate

Today we took some notes on the impact of Literacy Rate on our community.  We summarized on an exit ticket as well.  Several students were able to update their Vocabulary Challenge crossword as well.

Homework: Study the ten vocabulary words on SSNB page 60 for a fill in the blank quiz tomorrow.  Check the SST for help if you need it.

This Week In Social Studies…

A look ahead at this week…

Monday…GDP presentations by select students…New Vocabulary Challenge Crossword

Tuesday…What is Literacy Rate?…How does it impact GDP

Wednesday…Econ basics quiz (on SSNB page 60 only)/Economics Pyramid

Thursday…Resources and GDP…how are they connected?

Friday…The European Union and trade in Europe


Today we discussed GDP with help from Emme, Grey. Linh and Ava.  We then finished up the Economics Basics Crossword that will be the basis for the quiz on Wednesday.  Just those 10 words will be on this quiz.  Study a little tonight and a little tomorrow night and you will be ready.  

Homework: Study for Wednesday’s quiz.  Check the SST (Student Support Tab) above for help if you need it. Extra CUC session added Tuesday morning for those who need to get that zero for a notebook check fixed…

Economic Systems

Today we finished up our notes on types of Economic systems and then we performed short skits to practice recognizing examples of the systems in context.  We also completed a notebook check pf SSNB pages 41-60.  Next, we started SSNB page 62 reading about the Factors of Production.  We also updated SSNB page 60 with our new terms for today.

Homework: Finish reading SSNB page 62 (A Growing Economy) and answer the first two questions on the back in complete sentences.  We will do the 3rd and 4th ones together on Monday.