A trip through the Desert

Today we read a play to illustrate why Europeans began to Explore beyond their own borders.  We will finish up our discussions tomorrow.

Homework: read textbook pages 71-74 to be ready for tomorrow.  Those retaking the Europe Geo test tomorrow need to have completed the green remediation sheet (or print one from the blog) to be able to retake.   Check the retake tab for details.

This Week in Social Studies

This week we will look at the exploration/expansion of Europe in the 1400- 1500s and the colonization that followed.  This will lead to conflict and change world wide years later.

Monday we will look at what motivated Europeans to Explore.

Tuesday and Wednesday  we will analyze exploration and the race the new resources in the new world.

Thursday and Friday we will look at how exploration lead to colonization and the imperial expansion of some European powers.

Friday we will have a short quiz on Exploration vocabulary.

No Homework

Today we reviewed the Unit test question by question to allow students to correct the answers they missed and to prepare for a retake if one was necessary.

Retakes will be Tuesday.  Check the Retake Opportunities tab above for details.

Majority Religions in Europe

Can you see any similarities in the Language regions below and these Religious regions?

Today we looked at Religion in Europe.  This information allowed students to answer the last couple of questions on the study guide for Thursday’s test.  

Homework: Complete study guide for test on Thursday.  Check SST (Student Support Tab) above for help.

Extra CUC session added Wednesday after school until 5:30.  Kids can update notebooks or get them checked….focus will be on test preparation.  Parents please email Mr. Hague if your children are staying after.  

Europe Language Regions

Today we mapped and read about languages in Europe.  We noted how certain parts of Europe have majority Germanic, Romance or Slavic languages.  We also talked about the need for Europeans to learn multiple languages to help communication among so many nations in close proximity. We also collected and posted our Environmental PSAs.

Open House tonight.  This event is really for the parents.  Students should stay home if at all possible.

Homework: Answer the language-related questions on your study guide. (The two at the bottom)

European Geography Summative Test THURSDAY.

This Week in Social Studies

Monday we will collect student Public Service Announcements.  We will look at the complexity of language in Europe as well.  

Monday night is Open House.  Parents will follow their children’s schedules.  This will start at 5:30 in the theatre and parents will go to homeroom/1st period and start classes at 6:00.

Tuesday we will survey religion in Europe.

Wednesday we will spend class reviewing for Thursday’s test. (Summative)

Thursday we will take the Europe Geography unit test.

Friday we will review the results of Thursday’s test.  We will also begin looking at European Exploration.

PSAs Due Monday

Today we checked our notebooks and took a short quiz over the European Political map.  Scores were great.  Only a few kids were not ready.  We also started working on our Europe Environmental Public Service Announcements.  Students should finish these on the paper they were given in class.  Remember, list at least 4 facts (reasons the issue is a problem/solution to the problem or any combination of these facts) on your color announcement.  Use your question and answer sheet on European Environmental problems to select one of the issues you learned about for your PSA.  Check the student support tab (SST) if you missed the notes or want to reread the articles about the issues.

Homework: Finish your PSA….

Want to learn more about Chernobyl?  Click below…


Map Quiz Tomorrow

Today we reviewed the LCNR homework from last night.  Next, we started looking at Environmental Issues facing Europe.  We also gave out the study guide for next Thursday’s Summative exam.

Homework: Study for your political map quiz tomorrow.  There is help on the Student Support Tab (SST) if you need it.  Check the Power Links tab above for helpful mapping practice links as well.  We will check notebook pages 1-20 tomorrow.