Parent / Teacher Conference Week and 2nd Nine Weeks

Our boys and girls did a fabulous job at the PTA program last week!

This week we begin the second nine weeks and are preparing for conferences.  Thursday, 10/12 is early release, and next week students will have early release every day.  Most of our conference appointments are set, but of course, if a last minute issue comes up you can send me a Remind message.

The second nine weeks is focused on multiplication in math.  Fluency is so helpful, so even if your child seems to know their facts, using flash cards or multiplication games is a great idea right now.  In writing students will plan and write opinion pieces, focusing on the plan and taking two longer writing pieces to the publish stage.  We also will continue to answer questions with complete sentences, citing evidence from the text.  Social Studies will quickly move through European Explorers and on to the colonies and the Revolutionary War.  Science will jump into Simple Machines, which our students enjoy!  Students are focused on various reading skills depending on the reading group, but all students work to be voracious readers, finding just right books and reading every. single. day!

Weather and Maps and Native American Tribes

This week we will continue the study of weather in science, and incorporate map skills into the beginning of our Native American Tribe study.  Boys and girls learn how the tribes lived based on what was available from the land in the area in which the group lived.  We will finish the book, Love that Dog, and will begin a favorite, The Sign of the Beaver.

Students are putting the finishing touches on a personal narrative.  We will add dialogue and spruce up our vivid verb usage to better create a snapshot for the reader.  This week’s Mentor Sentence will include dialogue to remind students how to punctuate.

As we continue to practice addition and subtraction with regrouping, we will practice finding perimeter.  We are coming closer to area and using the area model to multiply.  Check out the links to support for parents with how students are taught and practice math at school.  It will give good insight before we begin!  You know I am always available for questions, too.

Family in Room 136

I am one lucky teacher to have such a terrific class!  We have a family in room 136, twenty-two students and myself.  They cheer each other on and help one another through.  This is a group who rises to a challenge and jumps eagerly into hard work.  They will be terrific adults before you know it!

Monday, August 21, we are excited to watch the eclipse together!  Remember, Cobb County Elementary Schools will dismiss at 3 p.m.  that day.  We will all be indoors that afternoon, watching the event on closed circuit.

Spelling begins next week.  Tuesday, August 22, there is a test on the water cycle in Science and a test on economics in Social Studies.  We will begin studying map skills and geography after that and weather in Science.  We are still enjoying reading Lemonade Wars and are concentrating on theme, setting, and point of view.  We will have a short poetry unit next, using the book, Love that Dog.  Students are developing ideas for writing personal narratives while revisiting important writing skills previously taught.  We will complete our place value and rounding unit next week and have an assessment before the week is over.

Off We GO!

We are off to a terrific start in Room 136!  Students brought in supplies, and we have our desks full and set up to learn.  Boys and girls have completed some short assessments to help me know where to begin with each learner.  We are working toward being Ready, Respectful, and Responsible every day.  Some of you have noticed there are no COLORS in agendas for behavior.  Our school is now a PBIS school, where positive behavior interventions are used.  When everyone is ready, respectful and responsible, we are able to learn best!

Fourth grade is action packed, and every day is important.  Strong school attendance is critical to your child’s success!  We need every single student at school every single day (unless there is an illness, of course.)

August 10, 2017 is Open House for 4th grade.  I look forward to seeing you then, at 6 p.m., room 136.  We will look at what the year has in store, how the classroom runs, and get everyone set up on Remind for class text message reminders and Edmodo to see assignments your kiddos are working on using technology in the classroom.  Yahooo!  I look forward to seeing you Thursday evening!