Week of April 8

Welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break and got some rest.  Next week we start the GA Milestones.  This week we will be practicing and preparing for the test.  Due to testing starting for some grades this week parents will not be able to come eat lunch with students during the week.  You can come on Fridays though.

The Cherrydale Color Run Fundraiser has begun!  A packet will becoming home tomorrow.  Students who raise $30+ will get to participate in the Color Run.  They will be splashed with colored powder that will make their Color Run t-shirt very colorful!


Week of March 18

Have you been saving Box Tops?  This month the class with the MOST Box Tops for the whole school gets a really fun prize!  Each student in the class gets to throw a pie in Mr. Traster or Mrs. Edwards face.  If you have Box Tops to send in, even a partially filled sheet, please send them in before Spring Break.

Did you know tomorrow (Thursday) is World Down Syndrome Day?  In honor of tomorrow we are having Wacky Sock Day.  Students can wear funny or mix-matched socks to show support for people with Down Syndrome.

Here is what we are working on this week:

Reading/ELA – We are practicing the RACE strategy when responding to questions about a text.  We are also practicing compare and contrast with passages about the same topic.

Math – We are continuing to work on elapsed time.  Students have to determine how long something takes when given the start and end time.  They also have to determine the beginning or ending time when given one time point and the length of time an activity took.  Using a number line is our favorite strategy to solve these problems.  We have also been focusing on working out problems on a paper, even if we think we can solve the problem in our head.

Social Studies – We are reviewing productive resources and discussing the interdependence of goods and services.

Week of March 4

The Book Fair is here this week!  We were able to preview the Book Fair today.  I think everybody found a few books they were interested in.  This Thursday, we will have Bedtime, Books, and Brownies from 6-8 pm.  Come in your pajamas, listen to stories, and grab a brownie for a snack.

We are in need of band-aids.  We are down to just a few.  If you are able to send in a box, they would go to good use.  It’s a lot quicker to put a band-aid on in the classroom than to go upstairs to the clinic.

Here is what we are working on this week:

Reading/ELA – We are continuing to determine the author’s point of view in a passage.  We are also learning to understand our own point of view and how that may differ from the author.  We will also be learning the RACE strategy.  This strategy helps students remember how to give a good, detailed response to a question.

Math – We are starting time (telling time) this week.  We are telling time to the minute and will begin elapsed time as well.

Social Studies – We are continuing to learn about the different explorers that came over from Europe.

Homework – We are no longer having spelling words.  Instead students now have nightly multiplication practice.  Students are expected to complete one column of the multiplication sheet each night and return it to school the next day.  I check the multiplication every morning.  8 Math Review Q3 (Comparing Fractions)-147umyz  8 Reading Q3 NF(Compare 2 Texts)-1vun0en

Week of Feb. 11

Thank you to everyone who came out to the dance on Friday. PTSA really outdid themselves.  This week is a busy week.  Thursday is Valentine’s Day.  Your child can bring there valentines in now.  They do not have to wait until Thursday to bring them in.  Friday is Class Picture Day.  We will take a picture as a class.  Students will also have an opportunity to have individual pictures taken.  The Productive Resources Project is also due on Friday.

Here is what we are doing this week:

Reading/ELA – We are working on determining cause and effect relationships.  We are continuing to write opinion pieces.  We are also learning how to add conjunctions to sentences.

Math – This week we are focusing on measuring to the nearest quarter and half inch.  We are also revisiting determining the unknown number in multiplication and division equations.

Social Studies – We are beginning our explorers unit.  We will be learning about different explorers who came over from Europe to North America.

Spelling – We will no longer have spelling words to study.  After the break we will begin having nightly multiplication practice.

Here is the homework for this week.  6 Math Review Q3 (Equivalent Fractions Cont.)-1a6z6gd 6 Reading Q3 F(Compare 2 Stories)-1sqhkck

Week of Feb. 4

Thank you to everyone who participated in Kindness Week.  The students enjoyed all of the dress up days.  Several students participated in the Kindness Challenge.  Even though Kindness Week has passed continue to encourage your children to show random acts of kindness to others.

This Friday is the Sweetheart Dance.  Be sure to order your tickets ahead of time.  I can’t wait to see everyone at the dance.  🙂

A note came home on Friday regarding Valentine’s Day.  Students can begin sending in their completed cards now.  Please make sure the cards are filled out before they are brought to school.  Students will have time to pass out the cards in the mornings.  Here is an extra copy of the note in case your’s was misplaced. Valentine List Letter-1vroqr3

Here is what we are working on this week:

Reading/ELA – We are continuing to understand the meaning of different examples of figurative language.  We are also working on opinion writing.

Math – We are learning how to compare fractions.

Social Studies – We are learning about productive resources – natural resources, human resources, capital resources, and entrepreneurs.

There is no spelling homework this week.  Here is the reading/math homework. 5 Math Review Q3 (Identify Equivalent Fractions)-1wvg9im  5 Reading Q3 NF(Main Idea)-1yrv02b

Week of Jan. 28

This week is The Great Kindness Challenge.  This week is dedicated to creating a culture of kindness and compassion at school.  Everyone received a Kindness Challenge checklist.  Please encourage your child to complete as many acts of kindness as possible.  We are also having Kindness Theme Dress Up Days.

Monday – Crazy About Kindness – Crazy Sock/Hair Day

Tuesday – Shine Bright for Kindness – Bright Clothing

Wednesday – Team Kindness – Sports Attire

Thursday – Kindness Rocks – Rock Star Attire

Friday – Dreaming of Kindness – PJ Day

You can also send in toiletry items this week, which will go to people in need.


Here is what we are working on this week:

Reading/ELA – We will be talking about figurative language, specifically idioms.  We will begin opinion writing.  We will also work on comparative and superlative adjectives – big, bigger, biggest.

Math – Our fraction unit continues.  We are learning about equivalent fractions this week.

Science – We are continuing to learn about the different habitats in the different regions of Georgia.

Here is the homework and spelling for the week. 3rd spelling 7-z6kpom  4 Math Review Q3 (Problem Solving Number Lines)-2ecjzwc  4 Reading Q3 NF(Main Idea)-1xot0of

Week of January 14

We had a great time on our field trip to the Tellus Museum today.  We learned a lot about fossils.  Everyone should bring home a coupon to bring their family back to the museum.  Here is what we are working on this week:

Reading/ELA – We are continuing to learn how to compare and contrast two characters or topics.  Students are starting to turn their compare and contrast graphic organizers into a written piece.  We are also learning how to add correct punctuation to sentences with dialog.

Math – We are learning more about fractions this week.  Fractions will be our main focus this quarter.

Science – We are learning about the habitats in different regions of Georgia.

Here is the homework/spelling for this week:  2 Math Review Q3 (Partition & Name Fractions)-1rjml56   2 Reading Q3 F(Central Message)-zr1wha  3rd spelling 14-2mivddn

Week of Jan. 7

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone enjoyed the break.  I sure did.  🙂 Next week we will be going on our field trip to the Tellus Museum.  If you have not returned your child’s permission form and payment for the field trip, please do so by this Friday.  Also, please make sure your child has on their blue class shirt for the field trip.  If they can’t find the shirt, just have them wear a blue shirt.

Here is what we are working on this week:

Reading/ELA – We are comparing and contrasting characters and topics in text.  We are beginning opinion writing.  We are also working on writing sentences that contain dialog with correct punctuation.

Math – We have begun our fraction unit.  We will work on fractions for most of the quarter.

Science – We are learning what the habitats are like in the different regions of Georgia.

Here is our homework/spelling for the week.

3rd spelling 12-12ek8bi  1 Math Review Q3 (Classifying Shapes)-1xyxs05  1 Reading Q3 NF(Sentence Connections)-1es6p6i

Week of Dec. 10

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Holiday Party.  If you would like to help with the party, please let me know.  We will be doing a Puzzle Exchange next Wednesday.  Students need to bring in a new 100-piece puzzle wrapped for the puzzle exchange.  Check out Dollar Tree.  They usually have a good puzzle selection.

We will be going on a field trip to the Tellus Museum in January.  A permission form came home this week.  Please try to send in the money for the field trip this week if possible.

Here is our homework for this week:

8 Math Review Q2 (Data & Graphs – Picture Graphs)-1h1wtjq

8 Reading Q2 F(Characters)-2aszbzz

Week of Nov. 26

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Pie Day, either with a pie, plates, spoons, tablecloths, or volunteering!  Everyone had a great time.  I hope you enjoyed the week off last week.  Here is what we will be working on this week:

Reading/Writing – We are continuing to read informational text and answer questions about the text.  We will begin researching major rivers and mountains in the United States this week.  Students will then write about the river or mountain they researched.

Math – We are learning about how to read data on a chart, specifically input and output data.

Social Studies – We are learning about the major rivers and mountains in the United States.  Then we will begin our Native Americans unit.

Here is the spelling list and homework for this week.

3rd spelling 13-2h6bmde

6 Math Review Q2 (Area of a Rec word problems)-2nzhvxa

6 Reading Q2 NF(Cause and Effect)-s1uo4j