15 April 2018

Well – we are finally moving into the end of state testing. What better unit to be studying than humor. We will be using resources both in and out of our text Springboard. Our study of humor and comedy will not only look at literary humor, but the performances as well. I am excited as our text recommends both Lucille Ball and Abbott and Costello. Of course we will need to become familiar with the language of the genre. As much as I abhor any grading or testing during this time, we must. That said, we will test terminology using some very enjoyable prompts. More details will be provided in class.
Additionally, some students are working on a qualifying exercise to read the alternative Shakespeare comedy. The stories and requirements can be found in the Resources tab of this blog. The completed package is due on Thursday (It was offered last Thursday.).
Fifth Period needs to bring all short stories material to class for both discussion and completion.
Sixth Period continues to prepare for STEM night on May 2. While these presentations will be assessed for a grade, they are also working toward a spot on the agenda for May 2. We have 12 presentations and only time for 8 presentations. The presentations will be evaluated by three judges. Students will be working on the presentations in both my class and science class. The rubric can be found in the Resources tab of this blog.

8 April 2018

We’re back. Today wrapped up review for the Georgia Milestones testing, which begins tomorrow. Get plenty of rest, eat a good breakfast, and show up on time. Before you answer the first question after you are told to begin – take three deep, slow breaths to get plenty of oxygen to your brain. When we are nervous, we tend to breathe quick and shallow. Remember – the brain works best when it has plenty of oxygen.
As far as class is concerned, we’ll wade into the world of literary comedy and humor as part of our Springboard Unit.
Fifth period will work on their humorous short stories.
Sixth period will focus on the presentations for STEM Night on May 2, so we have a lot of work to do over the next 2-1/2 weeks.

30 March 2018

I promised a few sites that might prove beneficial to those wanting to do some light studying over the break. Below I have inserted a couple sites. These sites are light-hearted and interactive. No point in doing anything too intense.

http://www.chompchomp.com/menu.htm (Grammar Bytes)

http://www.twobells.com/Writing_Online/rayas-dungeon/Welcome.htm (Raya’s Dungeon)

https://www.quia.com/cb/123479.html (Verbals)

Google has many choices. Just find an area you need work on and find a site.
Here is a PowerPoint page –
The Knowledge List-1l66qtq

29 March 2018

I have been asked by some folks if there is anything that can be done over the break to help with the state testing. While I am not a proponent of working over a holiday for I believe it leads to burnout – I will over the next 24 hours post a few website that can help keep students sharp.

Stay tuned!

26 March 2018

Here we go! Last full week before we tackle the Georgia Milestones. This week will spend our time working on the remaining items that are in need of review and one item that need a short mini-lesson.

I plan on doing one assessment on either Wednesday or Thursday to tweak my last three or four days before testing.

Fifth and sixth periods both have outside items that need to stay in focus at the same time. Inasmuch as there will be little to no true homework, there should be ample time to keep up with your respective ongoing assignments. Fifth period needs to complete the short story assignment by April 20, and sixth period needs to plan to complete their “Good Talk” project by April 27.


19 March 2018

Today most classes began an error analysis review of the Cobb County Touchstones assessment given last week. While these assessments have no bearing or impact upon either student grades or promotion, they offer a quality look at both our strengths and weaknesses as we prepare for the Georgia Milestones. Following our analysis work we will move toward final review for the above referenced Georgia Milestones. This review involves both reading and grammatical studies. The scope and direction of the study (review) will vary from class to class and student to student as are their needs.

No later than Wednesday, the 5th Period students will be selecting an independent reading selection. Our unit for the final quarter is comedy. These students will be reading a Shakespeare comedy during class, so my offering – yes, I’ll be providing a list of books (stories) from which students will select. At this time of year, rest assured that the selections will in any way jeopardize a student’s grades or success on the aforementioned state testing.

I referenced Shakespeare above. There will be an opportunity for students in all classes to participate in the reading of the play. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

12 March 2018

We are at the end of our research project. I am working toward completing all grading of material presented, either orally or written. Tomorrow, we will share our evaluations. I am more concerned that students receive feedback about both their strengths and weaknesses in this arena to aid them in the future rather than a grade that will be forgotten in a couple of weeks. Yes – we still give a grade.

Wednesday, I plan to do a pre-test review quiz. This is a quiz is to find out exactly what areas require remediation over the next two weeks.

The end of the week requires us to complete the Cobb County Touchstone Test – approximately two days.

A quick homework assignment will be given tomorrow. It’s an interesting question. The answer will not be due until Thursday.

28 February 2018

Today we began our research presentations. By and large I was most pleased with the efforts and results. Here are a few things I noticed that future presenters should be aware of:

  • Be sure to introduce yourself,
  • Visual aids should provide key words or points for the audience (not paragraphs or all pictures,
  • Rehearse with a timer,
  • Interact during the presentation with the product as well as the visual aid,
  • Speak loud and clear.

These are just a few things to be aware of during your presentation.

In the next day or so, I will be creating the grading category for the research essays. I will initially go through and mark “0” for those students that failed to submit an essay. The actual grading of the essays will take longer. This will however, make it clear as to grades that fall as a result of not submitting.

26 February – Part 2

I have completed entering the class lists of presenters by date. Please check your period to ensure you are presenting when you think you are; I had a few folks swap days. Additionally, I have ensured a copy of the presentation rubric has been included. The rubric will be discussed in class in detail tomorrow.