January 16

Study Guide

This is for reference, it is not a graded assignment. New South Test Study Guide__17-18-11uj0s5


Today we learned about the “Marvel of Georgia’s Tax Credit” and how this incentive for our film and entertainment industry has a multiplier effect in Georgia.

New South Era test is tomorrow!  35 questions multiple choice. Three short answer.

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January 16

Page for a Day

Interested in serving as a page for a day in the Georgia General Assembly?  Check out the application below:



You are not considered absent from the school day if you serve as page.


Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FL_kOEq4-E&feature=youtu.be


Find your lawmaker http://www.house.ga.gov/mediaServices/en-US/FindYourLawmaker.aspx


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January 14

Monday, January 14

Today is our last day working on the New South era Weebly in class.  If you do not finish, it is homework, due tomorrow.

Unit test is Thursday.

  1. Booker T. Washington
  2. Atlanta Race Riots: two image analysis (your choice of image), article, NPR podcast OR video
  3. 18th, 19th and 21st amendment visuals (due Thursday)
  4. Finish early?  Use your byod to play Kahoot while we are in the E2 lab.
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January 11

New South Era Review for Test

Test is on Thursday.  Hybrid multiple choice & constructed response.

Kahoot https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/cb75b6e0-2ce0-42d5-abca-aba866a96be8

Constructed response question:  (Be prepared to write about any of these…)

How did the following individuals, groups, events and tactics attempt to shape the New South era?

  • Bourbon Triumvirate
  • Henry Grady
  • International Cotton Expositions
  • Tom Watson
  • the Populists
  • Jim Crow laws
  • 1906 Atlanta Race Riot
  • Booker T. Washington
  • W.E.B. DuBois
  • Alonzo Herndon
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January 8

January 8

Our initial research about the New South Era will be through exploring content through the attached Weebly.


Please complete the following today:

The Bourbon Triumvirate

Henry Grady and the New South

Jim Crow Laws (historical photograph analysis)

If you are a speedy worker, you can forge ahead to the Jim Crow article.

For the OTHER box at the end of the page, please explore the following site:



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