September 19

Wednesday, September 19

Advanced Content: (1st and 2nd)  We used today to read and craft SS theme based paragraphs supporting the prologue and chapter 1 of To Be a Slave.

On Level:  We reviewed the causes of the American Revolution as they impacted Georgia: French and Indian War, Proclamation of 1763 and the Stamp Act.  We watched the first half of America Story of US Episode 3: Revolution and took notes on the first half of the video.


If you haven’t turned in your outline notes for the textbook chapter Road to Revolution, you can still do so with a penalty.  It’s wise to finish as we have an open notes quiz soon.

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September 18

Tuesday, September 18

Listen to & read the lyrics of A Farmer Refuted from the musical Hamilton.  Highlight and annotate the beliefs of the loyalist in ONE color.  Highlight and annotate the beliefs of the patriot in a different color.  Classwork grade.  If you were absent, check the folder.

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September 18

Monday, September 17

I.  America Story of US Episode 1 (Record ten facts)

II.  AC:  To Be a Slave prologue reading & paragraph

OL:  Whigs vs. Tories… what are their beliefs? What do they have in common? VENN DIAGRAM

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September 12

September 12

Colonial Georgia Assessment.  (Grades posted on Synergy within 24 hours.)

Online textbook notes:  Georgia in Revolutionary Era

Road to Revolution Outline notes-17d27al

Please read Unit III of online textbook: Georgia in the Revolutionary Era (240-265) and take notes. Use the bold headlines as your Roman numerals (or regular numbers if you prefer).  Under each heading, write important details using the alphabet.  (A, B, C…)  If you have more details to support your notes, use smaller numbers.  See model below. You will be able to use your notes on an open notes quiz.


  1. Road to Revolution (245)
  2. Great Britain defeated French in 1763
  3. Treaty of Paris ended French and Indian War
  4. Lands exchanged:
  5. France relinquished Canadian territory & east of Mississippi River
  6. Spain exchanged Florida for land west of Mississippi River
  7. Effects of the French and Indian War (247)
  • Proclamation of 1763 (248)
  1. Sugar and Stamp Acts (249)
  2. Organized Protests (250)
  3. More Taxes (251)
  • The Speaker Controversy (253)
  • The Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party (256)
  1. The Intolerable Acts (257)
  2. Continental Congress (258)
  3. A Royal Government in Trouble (259)
  • Rebellion and Independence (262)
  • Declaration of Independence (264)
  • Georgia’s Signers (266)


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