Monday, November 13

ELA– We watched the first thirty minutes of the 1966 film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.  Film criticism assignment will be completed in class this week.  SAT 9 quiz is on Thursday.

Georgia Studies– Explain reasons for establishment of UGA and for westward movement of Georgia’s capitals.  Evaluate impact of land policies pursued by Georgia; include headright system, land lotteries, Yazoo Land Fraud.

Bill of Rights Parody Rubric Bill of Rights Parody Rubric-1l03xjh

Thursday, November 9

ELA–We finished reading & discussing Fahrenheit 451 today. Bring your independent novel for the dystopian compare-contrast assignment to class tomorrow.  SAT 9 intro.  Quiz next Thursday.

Georgia Studies-  American Revolution, AOC & Bill of Rights test.  Read To Be a Slave. Grades updated tomorrow. I need to rescue my children from ASP.

Monday, November 6

ELA– SAT 8 Quiz & Media Center to select dystopian novel for independent reading project.

Georgia Studies–present article of the Constitution with group.  Take notes on articles 1-3.

Q& A on American Revolution era study guide.

Upcoming–test on Thursday (includes Bill of Rights)

Bill of Right project due Tuesday, November 14.