November 13

Antebellum Era Quiz

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  1. If you score below an 80, please read pages 365-368 and 372-380 before December 3 in order to better understand the standards we’ve covered through lecture and notes.
  2. Use your tangible textbook or online textbook to read Chapter 15, section 2 (pages 364-365.) On the back of your Perspectives on Slavery assignment, create a large Venn diagram noting the differences and similarities between the North and the South.
  • Read the two pro-slavery primary sources. Record two passages from EACH to support perspective on slavery.  (You read To Be a Slave to understand the perspective of slaves.)
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November 13

Tuesday, November 13

AC– We finished our Causes of the Civil War notes and worked on Antebellum Era vocabulary.

OL– We read some of chapter 2 of To Be a Slave, had writer’s conferences as needed and worked on typing our constructed responses for chapter 2.  In order to get a new grade for chapter 1, students must TYPE new paragraph and staple original and rubric to revised copy by Thursday.


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November 8

Wednesday, November 7-Friday, Nov 9

AC:  Wednesday we watched America Story of US: Division.

OL: Wednesday we wrote constructed responses for chapter 1 of To Be a Slave


Thursday:  We reviewed Yazoo Land Act/Fraud, headright system and land lottery system. We simulated the Land Lottery. We played Kahoot

Friday: Western Expansion Test!

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November 5

Monday, November 5

We voted on Georgia’s governor and U.S. Congresswoman.  Here are our class results:

U.S. Congress:  Karen Handel 60.3% vs. Lucy McBath 39.7%

Governor: Stacey Abrams 53.8% vs. Brian Kemp 45.5% and Ted Metz .07%

We also explored how technological developments (cotton gin & railroad) impacted Georgia.

If you were absent, no homework or make up work.

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November 2

Friday, November 2

Midterm Election Simulation  research the candidates: Mid Term Elections_18-1dxo63v

We will use a Google Forms to vote during class on Monday. Tuesday- no school!

Extra credit opportunity:  Write a position statement on each of the five constitutional amendments that will be on the ballots of Georgia voters. (Due Wednesday.)

AC– Today we read and analyzed  “Our Hearts are Sickened” by John Ross.

OL–Today we read and discussed Chapter 1 of To Be a Slave.  We started writing our constructed response paragraphs.

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