ELA Kahoots

Active and Passive Voice



Persuasive Writing


Definition Strategies


Hero’s Journey



Literary Devices


May 14-18

Georgia Studies

Monday– Juvenile Justice articles.  Anticipation Guide.  Author’s Claim.  What I think.

Tuesday– Review for final exam.  Final exam study guides due for non EOC folks.

Wednesday & Thursday–Oglethorpe Awards.  Juvenile Justice:  When Kids Get Life.  Questions & opinion statements.

Friday–Final Exams begin!  1st period & 6th period.


English Language Arts

Monday– Cumulative Vocab Test

Tuesday– Review for Final

Wednesday– First four Cold Sassy Tree assignments due.  CST discussion.

Thursday– Humor

Friday– no ELA.


Georgia Businesses

Due Monday!

Virtual Field Trip Link:


Word Document:

Georgia based companies__17-18-1e48fnu

These Kahoots were based on last year’s final exam, I have not edited them to make them reflect this year’s standards/exam.  So don’t panic if there are questions you don’t know… they may have been axed!  Final Exam Review





May 7-11

Georgia Studies:  Final Exam Study Guide (1-3) 6th  When Kids Get Life (Juvenile Justice)

Adult Justice Film Skits


ELA– Cold Sassy Tree chapters, assignments. (E2 lab Tuesday & Thursday)

Wednesday–SAT 10 sentences & quiz.



April 30-May 4

Georgia Studies– Touch Cast/green screen technology in Media Center for Adult Justice Skit filming!  This project is due at the end of class on Friday… no exceptions!


ELA– Cold Sassy Tree chapters 22-36



30 April—22-24

1 May—25-27

2 May—28-30

3 May—31-33

4 May—34-36

7 May—37-39

8 May—40-42

9 May—43-45

10 May—46-48

11 May—49-50

All assignments due by May 16

1.       Characterization & Casting Cold Sassy Tree Novel Study-2f8eqe2

2.       Ten examples of Southern culture

3.       Ten historical era indicators

4.       25 different literary devices Literary Terms-1s52djz

5.       Challenge of comedy (10)

Georgia Businesses


Word Document Georgia based companies__17-18-1e3j2o2

If you were absent on Thursday, we’ll be in the E2 lab on May 10 to work on this as well. No homework. Enjoy your trip!

FYI: 5% Extra credit opportunity for the final exam:

Georgia Studies

Research a Georgia based business…  a company that originated in Georgia and continues to work from Georgia today.  Research the company.  Generate twelve intelligent questions to drive your research and then TYPE your questions and research.  Include founder(s), company purpose & logo in your research.

Due May 18. No exceptions.