April 15

GPB Videos of state government

Legislative http://www.gpb.org/georgiastories/stories/legislative_process

Executive http://www.gpb.org/georgiastories/stories/executive_branch

Judicial http://www.gpb.org/georgiastories/the-judicial-branch

Since this last video was made, the Georgia General Assembly increased the number of judges to the Supreme Court to 9.

In your textbook there is a two page spread at the end of each chapter that sums up the standards.  It would be a good resource, too. (Remember, you wrote your password to the online textbook on Georgia Day.)

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April 12

Friday, April 12

Juvenile Justice Questions:  (Due Friday)

  1. Should juveniles ever receive the death penalty?  Why? Why not?
  2. Should juveniles ever receive life in prison? Why? Why not?

Spent Questions (Due Monday)  http://playspent.org/

  1. Did you make it through the month? If so, how much did you have left?
  2. Could you pay rent the next day?
  3. What spending decisions were hardest for you to make? Why?

Marietta City & Cobb County Webquest…. see yesterday’s post.  (Past due OL, due Monday AC)


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April 11


Play the interactive game as many times as you want.



Record what you learned.

  1. Did you make it to the end of the month? If not, why?
  2. What sacrifices did you have to make? What was the hardest?
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April 11

Thursday, April 11


I.  Marietta City/Cobb County webquest

II.  Next Gen Financial Literacy  https://www.ngpf.org/interactive-library/

Play SPENT.  On an index card, write what you learned about the experience.  You can play more than once.

When you are finished, play another interactive game of your choosing or work on your adult justice skit.


On Level– Close notes on city and county government.

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