Kindness Week

As part of our “No Place for Hate” program, we are  participating in the Kindness Challenge from January 28th-February 1st.

The students will work together as a class to complete activities to show kindness such as, asking a new friend to play, helping someone, writing a thank you note, or performing a kind act of their own design. They will be keeping up with their acts of kindness on a POD poster so they can see what an amazing population of students we have here at Kincaid.

We are also showing kindness in our community by supporting a toiletries drive for The Center for Children and Young Adults AND SafePath Children’s Advocacy Center. With the help of our Student Council, we will be collecting items such as shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc. These items will go to children in our community.  Be looking for more information about this worthwhile event from our counselors

The school will be having a wonderful time expressing their commitment to kindness by showing Kindness Pride with the following spirit events:

Monday (1/28)-Hats off to kindness (wear hats)

Tuesday (1/29)-Being kind is groovy (wear 70s clothes)

Wednesday (1/30)-Kindness Rocks (wear rock star clothes)

Thursday (1/31)-Cougars are Kind (wear Cougar Pride or school colors)

Friday (2/1)-Cheer for Kindness (wear sports clothes)

We are going to have a wonderful week at Kincaid, supporting and celebrating Kindness week!

Mrs. Robertson

Seesaw reminder

Hello Parents,

A reminder that I need all parents to join Seesaw. It is the primary communication tool that will be used between Target and home. It allows us to personalize blogs, announcements, and information to each parent at each grade level. The instructions for connecting are:

Thank you for your support,

Mandy Robertson

Please Sign Up Now

Click on this link:
Choose your child from the list
Create your account
Once I approve you, you can see content from your child


Hello Parents,

It’s hard to believe that Conference Week is right around the corner, October 15th thru the 19th.

Please let me know if you wish that I attend your child’s conference. You can email me, and I will correspond with their homeroom teacher letting them know.

Happy Monday!

Mrs. Robertson

It’s a Target Thing

Hello Parents,

Even though we had a shortened week with shortened days due to testing, there was still great learning going on in Target.

Although 3rd grade was dismissed for a time for the SOAR bus safety program, we still engaged in an algebraic lesson, continued our novel study of Hold Fast, and worked on an evaluative lesson.

2nd grade learned about the relationship between Picasso and Matisse, although strong competitors they were good friends. An excellent affective lesson for them. We also had a very successful analogies lesson which tweaked their critical thinking skills.

4th and 5th grades also worked on their novel studies, but particularly worked on their debate research. Their debate will be next week. Please make sure they come prepared to support and defend their assigned perspective as to whether or not Andrew Jackson was a hero or a villain.
Next week, 3rd and 4th grade Target will have a normal schedule and should come to their Target classroom upon arriving on campus.

Due to IOWA testing, 2nd and 5th grade Target should go to their homeroom class when they arrive at Kincaid. I will retrieve them when the all-clear is given. We will handle any ‘hiccups’ that may arise with the testing schedule as they happen, but please know they will be dismissed from their Target room at the end of the day.

Lastly, we all continue with our learning of SeeSaw – the communication tool of the future. All classes, except for 3rd (passing out this week), were sent home with sign up QRs for parents. Please make sure you ask your student for the form so you can join our class. This is a goal in progress, but hopefully we will master it a little stronger with each week. I’ve attached a short clip about the program for parents below…just over 2 minutes. This may help you in understanding my goal for SeeSaw’s role in our Target classroom.

I wish you a joyous week.

Mrs. Robertson

Testing Reminder


As in prior years, the school needs Ms. McAlpine and I to assist with school-wide testing. Because of this need, our Target students need to go to their homeroom when they arrive on campus on the dates below. As soon as the ‘all-clear’ is given, we will go to their homerooms to collect them and they will dismiss with us. If they have altered dismissal arrangements, please make sure to write a note for us, as well as their homeroom teacher.

Wednesday, Sept. 5th (4th grade)
Thursday, Spet. 6th (2nd grade)
Friday, Sept. 7th (5th grade)
Thursday, Sept. 13th (2nd grade)
Friday, Sept. 14th (5th grade)
Tuesday, Sept. 18th (3rd grade)

Please let me know if you have any questions about this information.

Mrs. Robertson

A Big Thank You!

Hello Parents,

All of the classes are now in a routine and working really hard on Target Day. Every grade, except 2nd has homework this week so please talk to your Target kiddo about it and let me know if you have any questions.

3rd – 5th grade parents – please try to make arrangements for your student to have a copy of their novel. We are now engaged in the novels themselves, and I want them to get all that they can from the experience.

Mrs. McAlpine and I were thrilled at the number of parents who attended our Target Open House. Thank you so much for your support. I’ve put the powerpoint that we used in the meeting on the blog for your viewing. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the information it contains.

TargetOpenHouse 2018 fall-1wmdj0l

4th Grade Parents, next Wednesday is Picture day and Early Release Day, but we still have Target as well. Please make sure your student comes to their Target room when they arrive on campus.

5th Grade Parents, we are having a tech specialist from the county office meet with 5th grade next week to train them on SeeSaw – our new school – home communication tool. If possible, please have your child bring in a device for this training. Of course, we will have as many devices available as possible should there be a need.

I wish all a pleasant weekend.

Mrs. Robertson

First Week Under Our Belts

What a great first week we had in Target! The students showed such enthusiasm as they returned for the year. We spent the week familiarizing ourselves with our new units, routines, and expectations. Each group was given homework so please be sure to look in their binder’s homework tab for details and copies. Also, if your student has not yet acquired a binder and 5 tab dividers, please make sure they have them for their next Target meeting. The students were given a new yellow information sheet for you to complete and return at the next meeting. Third – fifth grades will be doing novel studies. I showed photos of these books in the previous blog. If you can’t arrange to get a hard or soft copy of the book, please let me know, and I will make arrangements for your student to acquire a copy.
Our Target Parent Meeting is this Thursday, in the media center, from 8:30 – 9:15. We would love for all parents to attend, but if you are unable to make it, I will be posting the powerpoint we are using for the meeting on my blog.
In addition to the blog, we are using a communication tool called SeeSaw. We are so excited about this communication engine. I can’t wait to start using it with our students. We will be sharing more about it at the Open House. Some of your students are already aware of the tool so I encourage you to check their knowledge of it. There will be detailed information about it coming your way so no worries.
I wish everyone a wonderful week.
Mrs. Robertson

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Ms. McAlpine and I were able to finalize our units and wanted to share them with you right away!

* Second Grade – Cubism (This is an amazing unit focusing on STEAM goals with the support of
Pablo Picasso
* Third Grade – Novel Study – Hold Fast by Blue Balliett with supportive mystery critical thinking lessons
* Fourth Grade – Novel Study – Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett with supportive mystery critical thinking lessons
* Fifth Grade – Novel Study – Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene du Bois

Mrs. McAlpine and I are also introducing a new unit, Perspective, to support the intermediate novel units. We are very excited about the purpose of this unit which has us take a close look at how perspective influences our lives, especially through the lens of art, history, and statistics.

We strongly encourage, if possible, that our 3rd – 5th graders purchase a copy of the book for their unit or consider downloading it on a Nook or Kindle. If you are unable to acquire a book then please let me know, and I will locate a resource for you.


Mrs. Robertson

It’s That Time!

Hello Target Parents,

Ms. McAlpine and I have briefly met with all of our Target students to welcome some to Kincaid and welcome other back to Target. We are going to have a wonderful semester stretching our thinking to new heights!
Target does begin next week. As a reminder, the schedule is:
• Tuesday – Third Grade
• Wednesday – Fourth Grade
• Thursday – Second Grade
• Friday – Fifth Grade

For their first class they need to bring a binder 1” or 1 ½”,
notebook paper, and 4 – 5 tab dividers.
Our Target Parent Information meeting is August 23rd. You will be receiving an invitation from your student on their first Target day.
Again, I am thrilled to start this year with your students!
Mrs. Robertson

Early Welcome Back

“Happy New Year” so to speak. 🙂

Yes, it seems like our summer break was short and sweet, but I am so excited to welcome our Kincaid Targeteers back! As many of you may have heard through our Kincaid ‘grapevine’, Ms. McAlpine will be joining Target as the new Target teacher. She and I will make a great partnership for our gifted population, and I look forward to wonderful experiences and adventures for our Target kids.

I wish you all a last restful full week on break and anxiously look forward to seeing y’all at our Meet and Greet on the 30th.

Mrs. Robertson