April 25

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…

WU:  17-1 Name the 3 climate zones of the world.  What are 5 factors that determine climates?

Block 1:  unit test; 17-1 and 17-4 read/notes

Blocks 2,3,4,5:  17-1 and 17-4 read/notes

HMWK for all blocks:  finish notes 

April 24

HMRM: Sign up for Olympic events in PE/Connections today – bring your phone to PE/Connections to help read the QR code if you can:)  Get ready for the day…

WU:  p. 518  What is the difference between weather and climate?

ALL Blocks:  #2 pencil needed for Unit test over atmosphere and weather; read 17-1 and 17-4.

HMWK:  3 meaty facts about each section you read today

April 23

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…normal week:)

WU:  Name 3 separate safety precautions for a tornado, thunderstorm, and hurricane that you should do when one of these storms heads your way.

All Blocks:  review sheet for unit test; kahoots

HMWK:  study for test which is Tuesday.



April 20

HMRM:  Fun Friday!  Get ready for the day…

WU:  What is the difference between a “thunderstorm watch” and a “thunderstorm warming?”

ALL Blocks:  weather quiz; atmosphere and weather unit review sheet

HMWK:  finish review sheet;  unit test is Tuesday, 4/24 (Earth Day is Sunday:)

April 19

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…Normal Schedule:)

WU:  What are the classification systems used for tornadoes and hurricanes?  Explain them.

ALL Blocks:  Kahoots and Quizlet for review for weather quiz; review sheet for quiz

HMWK:  study for quiz for Friday; Unit test on Atmosphere and weather on Tuesday, 4/24 (study guide coming Friday)

April 18

HMRM:  Normal Schedule…Finally!  Get ready for the day…

WU:  New Sheet…Using your information sheet on storms, compare and contrast how a thunderstorm forms versus a tornado.

All Blocks:  How do you determine realtive humidity?  How do you read a weather map?

HMWK:  study for your quiz on Fridayquizlet on Tuesday’s blog; finish any work not completed in class today; bring device on Thursday

April 17

HMRM:  PE/Connections first today;  Schedule on the front board; Get ready for the day…

No WU due to taking them up today.  You should have 9.

ALL Blocks:  WU check;  ppt on T,T, and H; video on storms

HMWK:  quiz on Friday

Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_4qxgsw

April 16

HMRM:  PE/Connections will be 1st/2nd hours today and tomorrow due to 7th grade testing; Get ready for the day…

WU:  p.490 What are the major air masses that affect weather in North America?

ALL Blocks:  new seating; barometer and webquest check; ppt on storms

HMWK:  WU check Tuesday; quiz on Friday over weather

April 13

HMRM:  Last day of Milestone Testing!!!!  Get ready for the day…

No WU due to testing.

Blocks 5,1,3:  STEM/video

No HMWK unless you have not turned in your webquest or barometer…It’s late if you have not…

April 12

HMRM:  Milestone Testing Day 3 – Math; Get ready for the day….

No WU due to testing.

Blocks 2,4,3:  turn in barometer and webquest if not done so already;  video